Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thursday Pictures!

Ok, I have lots up updating to do! I guess we'll start with Mark's birthday food pictures. Warning, do not attempt unless you are nuts, have nothing but time, and don't mind smelling like smoke all day long.

Here is the roast being prepped for it stay in the fridge overnight. Big, isn't it.

Here is the roast being barbequed. Nowhere in the recipe does it say to add water to the pan occasionally, but henceforth that is what I will do, to prevent the lovely burning of the meat due to the heat below the pan. All the seasoning was burnt and to get to the meat that didn't taste of charcoal I had to cut the seasoned crust off.

But here is the end result, with the mustard sauce that I would change, it's a little runny. We had real mashed potatoes, and corn with butter. I was to tired to make gravy, but the potatoes tasted good anyway.

Luckily, our hawaiin sweet rolls fared better than the roast did. Mark raved about them. I brought some loaves to my parent's this weekend, and they all raved about them. They taste really good warmed up!

And, tada! The piece de resistance (snooty french accent here, please)... the brownie! Note the carmelized brown of the coconut frosting. This was deliciously sinful, and the brownie a light but chocolatey counterpart to the moist topping. This was oh-so-good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream eaten alongside!

All recipe's will be posted here !


McD Fam said...

You've raved about the rolls, can you post the recipe? PLEASE??!!!

Rachel H. said...

Yum! I have to say though, I still will probably NEVER attempt such a thing--WAYYYYYYY too much work for such little results!!! You are amazing for trying and putting it together.

The rolls DO look delicious though~!

Michelle said...

I posted the pork recipe because it amazes me I was nuts enough to try it. But after much thought about how I would do it differently and get a better result, I posted cheater instructions at the bottom of the pork post on my recipe blog. Using just your oven, and some liquid smoke!

Calista said...

I just had some brunch at the church a little over an hour ago, but your post made me so very hungry! I especially like the looks of the brownie :) But Steve and Kellen's don't do coconut, so I'll have to think of another occasion to make them for where I can try them, but leave most of them for someone else to eat! And I like the idea of the roast being done in the oven; we may have to try that out :)

Stephanie said...

Instead of commenting on each individual recipe on your food blog, I'll just post one comment here:

YUMMY WOW!!! It all looks so good! I am excited to try those brownies some time, and the bread you gave us is very very tasty good.

Stephanie said...
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Melinda said...

Woo-Hoo! I can't wait to try those brownies and rolls!! So glad you enjoyed getting it ready and chowing it down.