Monday, May 12, 2008

A Bit Belated

I know I should have done this ages ago and sent them out, but I was procrastinating hugely. I couldn't figure out what to get my mom and mom-in-law for Mother's Day. Then it dawned on me how much they both love their grandkids! So that's what they'll get!

No, I am not talking about letting the kids stay there for a week each, although I wouldn't mind.

Better still, something that would keep the kids there for them to enjoy all the time. A scrapbook of the kids through the year. Some big events like Christmas and school plays, and little things like beautiful pictures of them taken randomly. A good friend of mine taught me how to make the actual scrapbooks, so I can make them custom sized. 8 inches was too big for my materials, and 6 inches was too small for the pictures. So I did 7 inches. I had to cut the sheet protectors down to size and repunch holes. Mom's is blue binding with a blue/orange polka dot cover. And Mom Willford's is brown binding with a pink and brown flowered cover. They will have identical scrapbook pages in each one. These little books are so much fun to make, I love getting to choose the paper for the cover instead of going with a plain store-bought one.

I have the pictures all picked out, edited to make some of them more creative or blend the colors better, and printed out. I did one page today as well as put the albums together, now I only have 14 pages left! :-) I did let the moms know their gifts would be late. Time is hard to come by right now, and is just going to get worse!

On another note, Oren starts Mighty Mites T-Ball tomorrow! We had a parent's meeting tonight and met the coaches and got the practice schedules. He is so excited to do a sport. We are hoping it will help him run off some of that excess energy, make friends, learn some social skills, and maybe even build a little muscle, put some weight on him. They may do a game or two at the end of the "season" which only goes until June 18th. It's really just to learn about the game, to have fun, get kids moving and learn about sportsmanship and stuff. I just can't believe I have a child old enough to start doing sports! Wow!


Melinda said...

I'd like to see a pattern, or directions for this little scrap book. It sounds neat!

Good luck with t-ball. I'm so looking forward to being a 'soccer mom'...or any other sport or activity, just getting out there and supporting my girls.

Rachel H. said...

i WOULD LOVE to see the pattern too! What a fun idea!