Sunday, May 18, 2008

Afternoon at the Park

We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine, and spend some time together as a family. There is a park in our town with a duck pond, and the kids thought it would be fun to go feed the ducks. I actually remembered to bring the camera with me, and was able to get lots of snapshots of the kids!

It took a little while before the ducks started showing up. We thought maybe we had come too early in the season. As we were thinking about packing up and heading somewhere else, they came floating over for their bread treat.
William misunderstood and ate the bread instead. Lucky him it was fresh bread from home, not stale hard stuff.

He also thought it would be okay to jump right in and swim with the ducks. I'm sure the water wasn't too cold, but it wasn't the cleanest ever!

Nathan enjoys the space to run around, and takes full advantage of it. He is really such an active little guy.

Oren is fascinated by science and the world around him. You can almost see the wheels turn in his head sometimes.

Enough of the ducks! It was time to go exploring the small walking trail that winds around the equally small creek that feeds the pond.

I just loved this one, how little William looks next to his daddy. It amazes me how big he is sometimes and the things he is able to do. Like hold our hands as we walk around. But he still has so far to grow.

This happened at the base of the bridge, right after I took the last picture. He slipped on the gravel and scraped his head pretty good, and bit his lip nicely. We got a scraped knee too, and dirt/gravel was all over his face. Poor thing!

Having three boys, I am prepared for lots of things, and have a pretty nice first-aid kit in the car at all times. All different bandaids, ointment, gauze, wipes, cold pack... He was lots happier after we got him cleaned up, but wouldn't stop biting his lip. :-)

After all this fun, we packed up and went home before somebody fell in the pond!


Calista said...

What a nice way to spend the afternoon! Too bad about the injuries, but you are certainly better prepared than I am :) Either of my kids would've had to wait until we got home for the band-aid treatment.

Stephanie said...

We've certainly had our fair share of bitten lips between your family and mine, haven't we?! Glad you got to enjoy a nice walk and get out among nature. I love feeding the ducks, I wish we could find a duck pond somewhere near here.

And I agree with Calista - way to be prepared with the first aid!

McD Fam said...

Dallas loves feeding ducks, but he has a bad habit of trying to chase geese. Way to have fun at the park, ours is currently out of commission: we had a really bad flood (the park is next to the river) and a tree crashed down on the gazebo making it a safety issue.
Happy parking!!

Melinda said...

Thats a great activity! We haven't gone out to feed the ducks since we left I.F., but I know there are places to do it here. Sorry about the 'bump-fall'!

CissaLynn said...

Awww! Poor little William! It looks like it hurt!!! But, he looks like he was smiling soon after so I felt better! :))

Btw, I LOVE the bridge picture!!! It was precious!!!! :)

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

This looks like such a nice park, with a duck pond and all. Is it close to your home?

Michelle said...

Well, it's at the far end of town, and we are at the far end of the base. It takes us about 25-30 minutes to get from our house to most places we go in town. It was closer but they are working in the main gate so we have to take a crazy detour. Very worth it, although if we don't have a map we would get lost in the back streets! :-)