Monday, April 28, 2008


I realized today that the big weekend Mark and I are taking is this weekend! Last I checked it was a couple weeks out, and then bam! Here it is!

(Can you tell I am just a little excited?)

He got the final stuff taken care for his 2 weeks leave last Friday, so that's all settled. Which is good, because I think I really need this time with him. It's been too long since we had a completely child free, do what we want, kind of day.

It will be really busy though. Oren's class is putting on plays that day, so we will do that first. Then we have to take him out of school early and go see the eye doctor. They did a screening at the school that indicated he needed to have a more comprehensive exam at the doctors, had some trouble seeing lines far away. Glasses? Maybe. We'll see on Friday. Then it's lunch and off to my parent's to drop off kids! Dinner, check in, maybe enjoy the hot tub, and then the best part of the whole weekend... Our 1 hour massages! Mark was worried I would get addicted to them when he gave me a gift certificate to a spa for Christmas. He was right. I love them! I could do one every week! (pity they are so expensive) But that will be the perfect end to a very busy day.

Another YES thing is that I was approached on Sunday about making a cake. A half sheet cake, which is 2 9x13's put together so it is 18x26. That's a big cake. The young men/young women are doing a "Congrats Seniors" party to celebrate the six graduating youth, and they want a cake for the party. Having heard I was the person to talk to in the ward about a professional cake, they asked if I would do it. I know I am good, and I should charge lots, but for official ward stuff I generally just charge for the supplies, and donate my time. I can't think of better people to do that for than the church. I'll take a picture and post it on the 7th, that's when the party is. It is going to have "congratulations seniors" written on the front, with at least 6 people throwing hats up in the air. Each senior will have a frosting person that looks like them. And for the border I am thinking about doing "color striping". You paint a stripe of coloring on the inside of the bag, then fill with frosting. When the frosting is piped out, the food color makes a vibrant stripe of color on the usually white frosting. It's going to be awesome! I love playing with frosting!


Stephanie said...

Did you get that decoration idea from Taste of Home? I saw that cake in my magazine and thought it looked so cute! Enjoy your weekend, and if you happen to think of me, maybe you could manage to stick your tongue out and think, "Haha, I bet you're so jealous!!" because I will be. ;)

Michelle said...

Actually, the lady in charge of the food printed off the idea from the Taste of Home website. I saw the cake in my magazine, I get it too, and thought it was kind of funny that she chose that one. The colors will be black and orange, instead of blue and yellow. At least I won't have to buy special fondant, or candy melts, or fancy pans for it!

CissaLynn said...

Awww! How cool to have some time alone w/your man??!!!!! That is great!!!!! :) We all need that from time to time - it definately helps to regroup! Have a great day, girl!!!!

My youngest, Jacob, just turned five and had an eye appt. (I noticed he was having a little trouble seeing far away) - plus, his big brother wears glasses. Anyway, yep, he needs glasses and we just picked them out on Sunday. He should be getting them soon. Let us know how your appt. goes and if your little one needs glasses.

Oh, I can't wait to see a pic of your cake. I am not very good at making cakes. My mom usually makes the "nice" cakes around here. I did, however, make one good cake when my ten yr. old turned three. It was a football, but that is about as good as I get. I am always impressed w/those who can decorate cakes. I am sure they appreciate you making it very much!!!! :)
Hope you are having a good week!!!