Monday, April 28, 2008


This is a really neat one from Rachel's blog, and I thought I would give it a shot.

i am: a unique person, with unique talents.

i think: that chocolate should be calorie free!

i know: how to decorate beautiful cakes, how to play piano, and how to drive my husband crazy.

i want: to be slim again.

i have: a serious shortage of pens in my house.

i wish: that I knew how to best help Oren with his ADHD, encouraging him and finding that spark that makes him tick, and being able to lovingly discipline.

i hate: that my temper flies off the handle so quickly and frequently. People say it's the red hair... I don't know.

i miss: my husband. He works a hard shift and I end up getting the children up and ready for the day by myself, and down for bed by myself. Both are hard. I miss getting to go on dates with him any night of the week, any quality time we get is either very late at night, or on a Saturday.

i fear: my children getting hurt and I am not there. They like to escape to the park at the end of our street, and it scares me. Legally, according to base rules, they are still too young. And next year Oren may want to walk home from school by himself, and that terrifies me.

i feel: a little warm. It is a beautiful day, and we don't have the air conditioner turned on, just the ceiling fan going to move the air around, and it is warmer than I am used to.

i hear: the sound of myself typing. Mark took the boys to the gym, and I only have William with me, who is being very quiet right now.

i smell: the carpet-smell-good powder we used yesterday for the home teachers. Country Flowers or something.

i crave: a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. But I shall resist, too may calories (plus they're all the way in town).

i search: for my bluetooth headset the kids lost. It's driving me crazy!

i wonder: if I will ever feel good about my body.

i regret: being so hard on Oren all the time. It's not his fault that he is the way he is.

i love: my kids more than anything in the world.

i ache: in my sinuses. It's allergy season.

i care: about the way my house looks, I just can't seem to stay on top of it.

i always: make sure the butter goes from edge to edge of my toast.

i am not: afraid to speak my mind.

i believe: in the power of second chances.

i dance: around with my kids in the living room. Nathan likes to twirl me around, it's too cute.

i sing: anwhere. In the shower, in the car, to my kids, in church.

i cry: when Mark and I are having problems. And when I find out bad news about my children.

i don’t always: get the laundry folded. Clean and dry, yes, but not folded.

i fight: with my husband sometimes and my kids often. They are challenging children.

i write: 3 different blogs.

i win: almost any argument I get into. I guess I have a way with words, and can usually make things come out the way I would prefer. There are always exceptions of course. There are people more stubborn than I am. :-)

i lose: pens. I can never find them.

i never: drive with out my seatbelt on, and making sure the kids are buckled in. Two of them do their own seatbelts/carseats...

i confuse: want with need.

i listen: better than people think. Just because I like to talk doesn't mean I am not a good listener.

i can usually be found: Either at home, or in my car driving the kids somewhere.

i am scared: that I will never be good enough.

i need: to be reassured that my husband and kids love me, even though I am short tempered, not skinny, and a so-so housekeeper.

i am happy about: how well I have been doing on my diet and exercise. After taking a 2 month "break" I am back at it, and have already lost 5 of the 12 pounds I had put back on. YAY!


Rachel H. said...

i AM SO GLAD you did this one! I think it was really insightful--and I appreciate you sharing!

And amen about the buttered toast--side to side and cover the corners! :)

CissaLynn said...

Hey there! I really enjoyed reading all of your answers! I feel like I know you a little more! :) I agree w/the "house" answer - I can't stay on top of mine, either. Add to that, the laundry!!!! I tell ya, boys really know how to dirty the place up!!!! lololol!!!!! :)
Hope you are having a good week! :)

Stephanie said...

Maybe I should give you some of the pens Jeff brought home from that clinical science conference - we have like 20 of them, and they're all fancy!

And thanks a lot for making me want a chocolate dipped ice cream cone! (calorie free, of course!)