Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Snack time!

My children never cease to amaze me with the amount of food they can consume in one day. 3 meals a day is not enough! Therefore, we go through a large amount of snacks every day. Mostly things like grapes and bananas, or cheese. But we do like graham crackers, goldfish, vanilla wafers, things like that. They are great for throwing a bagful in the diaper bag to pull out in the middle of Walmart (a trip there always takes at least 2 hours somehow, even if I am not buying much.) And somehow, I had run completely out!

I was out of anything remotely connected with portable snacking. Fruits and veggies I have plenty, but nothing long lasting. I tend to buy large packages of these edibles, and I guess they don't last forever. And generally they stagger themselves when they run out, but not this time. So I took myself and the kids off to the store while I was in town today for Nathan's therapy, and stocked up. Walmart has HUGE boxes of goldfish crackers for like, 5 bucks. Large bags of animal crackers, cheapo graham crackers... Austin brand has those little cracker sandwhiches in little packages that come in flavors like PB&J (tastes like it too) and grilled cheese. Those are great for Boise trips. Or lunches.

So now, when my children complain of hunger midday, midmorning, midevening, sundown... I can confidently stroll into my kitchen, peel a banana, and throw in a handful of fishy crackers! Voila! Snack time!


The Holloways said...

That sounds great! It is nice to be stocked up! I buy my kids the 100 calorie packs of the snacks--stock up on those for cheap and they love them. Okay, and I LOVE them too! :)

Calista said...

Hmmm... Mine aren't much for snacking. They don't often ask for stuff in between meals. If I send Kellen with something extra in his lunch he'll take it for a playground snack at first recess, but he doesn't say anything if I don't send something. I do have a box of Tree Top fruit snacks (bought last November for our trip to Disneylandand, still only about half gone) that we use for snacks occasionally when they want something.

Esther and Nathan Manwaring said...

Yeah for snacks. I love snacks. Not only do I enjoy eating them throughout my day, my students can't make it through a day without them either.