Thursday, April 3, 2008

A breath of fresh air!

You know how when something irritates you, you get that itch at the base of your neck, like that nails-on-the-chalkboard sound? I got that everytime I looked at my living room. Which, since I am a stay-at-home mom, is a lot. So after Mark went to work, so did I!

I wanted to pull up the area rug and sweep anyway, and get under the couch and stuff. And then I just kept going. It felt great to move everything around, and clean under it. And I was enjoying the moving around so much that nothing ended up in the same spot. Now my couch is sort of dividing my living room, so I have two halves. The "living room" half, with the tv, piano, and bookshelves, that the couch faces. And the half behind the couch. The computer desk, my really big bookshelf, and my recliner. So I have a reading spot and my work area.

So far I like it, Mark did too when he came home for dinner. I need to put no skid pads under the couch though, it is sliding on the wood floor.... But the whole thing looks more cozy now. I had to rearrange all my pictures. I should putty some of these holes, they don't look too good.

But I was ready for a change for spring. I still can't stand my entertainment thingy, and I really want a new computer desk, but with things moved around I feel I can stand these are little while longer. It is like taking a breath of fresh spring air! Now I just need to fill my trash can with stuff I don't need and donate a bunch of stuff to the ARC (they come to your house and pick up your donation), and I'll feel even better!


Stephanie said...

Good work on getting your room rearranged. You always did like rearranging furniture. I remember in Oklahoma when we shared the upstairs bedroom you would change things around every few months just for a change of scenery. And then there's me - if I can keep the clutter picked up that's about as much as I can do!

The Holloways said...

NEED HELP, PLEASE COME...I wish I could rearrange my living room. There really is just no other way and it is driving me nuts! Pretty much feel that way about my whole house though! :) AHHHH....CAN'T TAKE IT@