Tuesday, March 25, 2008

there's hope

The lady I emailed about Chloe called this evening. She is going to talk to her sister-in-law and have her call me for more info. Then someone else called to ask who I rescued her from, she thought Chloe looked exactly like her sister's dog she never took care of. I reassured her, and she said she would tell her mom, who loves Shih Tzus, about Chloe. So there are some bites on the hook. It shouldn't take long, the sooner the better before I get too attached to let her go.

I had been wondering when her next heat would be, I didn't get that info from the previous owner. Turns out, it is right now! She was bleeding a little today. Lovely! Poor thing, to go through this and have to switch families too!

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Stephanie said...

Poor Chloe! I really hope she feels better soon, and gets to go to a good home with people who will care for her and give her all the love and attention she needs and deserves.