Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still Confused!

I have had several calls and emails about Chloe. Apperantly when you post that a Shih Tzu needs a good home, people respond! Now I just have to decide how I will figure out who gets her! That is scary. Whoever I pick will need to be patient, loving, willing to accept her as she is, and not just get rid of her if she proves a little difficult. But, seeing as I am trying to "get rid of her", how picky can I be? But I can't give her to just anyone, right? I think the problem is that deep down I really, really want to keep her, but I can't, so I want someone who will love her as much as I do. Since I can't be her forever home. And I feel ridiculous. I mean, it's a dog, right? A dog! More prayer for me I guess...

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