Sunday, March 9, 2008

Steph's New Tag...

Hey, this looks fun. Okay, the rules are to write 7 facts about me and food. Odd, gross, fun, little or well known, whatever.... So here goes....

1. I don't consider fat-free mayonaise to be actual mayonaise. Reduced-fat is pushing it a bit. If you want fat free, just buck up and by Miracle Whip, because fat free doesn't taste like real mayo anyway!

2. I am obsessed with recipe books. I will sit on my kitchen floor next to my books and just look at recipes forever! Especially when I am hungry, it takes me forever to decide what to make.

3. The more people I get to cook for, the happier I am! I love the chaos of cooking a 4 course meal for 10+ people, all of it from scratch. This is where I shine.

4. I find chicken nuggets with honey on them to be the next best thing to heaven. Try it, just a little honey goes a long way.

5. Peanut butter is my favorite flavor of just about anything. Wouldn't it be neat if there were peanut butter pudding, peanut butter cool whip, peanut butter milk? If an ice cream has peanut butter in the title, it is automatically in my shopping cart, and I spent a long time looking for the perfect moist chewy peanut butter cookie.

6. When I make casserole like tuna noodle, I love to eat it on (not with, ON) a piece of buttered bread. A big scoop of casserole on top of the bread and eat it over the bowl.

7. I do the same thing with fried eggs and toast. The egg (soft yolk of course) sits on top of the toast, sometimes I put a little ketchup on it. Depending on my mood, I will either eat around the yolk until it a little circle with the smallest possible amount of white keeping it from popping and then throw the whole thing in my mouth, letting yolk ooze everywhere. Or I pop the yolk first and smear it all over the egg and enjoy the warm goey yolk taste over the whole egg toast. The white has to be fully cooked, and the yolk nice and runny. But if the white is runny at all I want to gag. I don't often get them done perfectly...

Okay, there are seven things about me and food, some odd, some normal, some probably a little gross. I tag Melinda and Calista! Have fun!

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Stephanie said...

I do that with casserole and eggs too, maybe it's genetic? Or probably just upbringing. And ditto with the egg white - if it's gooey I won't eat it. I've found that if you "pop" the white in the pan while it's cooking and spread it out a bit, it cooks faster without making the yolk harder. That really helps. Thanks for playing the tag with me!