Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Tag!

I was tagged by a friend of mine, and don't know the rules for sure, but it sounds like you pick 7 completely random facts about yourself, your family, whatever, and post them. They had 7 anyway, so 7 it is.

So I am throwing this tag into our midst. Rules: think of 7 totally random facts you want us to know. Post them, and tag 2 people. Let's see how odd we really are!

Fact #1 - I did dishes today.
Fact #2 - We bent the bottom of our van's back door towing our broken car to the junkyard.
Fact #3 - I don't like snakes.
Fact #4 - Oren stole candy at the grocery store and Mark made him go pay the manager. He won't do that again!
Fact #5 - I keep getting the urge to move all my living room furniture around. For the 5th time!
Fact #6 - We are bringing German Chocolate Cake (from scratch) to our Easter Dinner at my parents house. And my mom doesn't like coconut... Glad Steph is bringing a pie.
Fact #7 - My right contact just went blurry. Because I have astigmatism. I hate when it does that.

That was actually harder than I thought! Okay, I tag Stephanie and Melinda!


Stephanie said...

I'm glad you mentioned that about the cake you're bringing. We were planning on two pies, but I think now we'll only do one. Less work for us! And now I'm really looking forward to that German Chocolate Cake!

The Holloways said...

You bent your van door? How did this happen?? NEW POST PLEASE! :)