Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yet another busy day!

Whew! It is nice to sit still for a bit. I am soooo tired right now.

Today started out normal, got kids up and to kindergarten on time. Cleaned my kitchen and did the dishes. Then my friend came over to watch the kids so Mark and I could have a lunch date. We took Nathan to school and headed to town. We were supposed to buy an entertainment center, but upon further inspection of the measurements we found that our TV was a little too big. So we spent lunch brainstorming ways to get around that without spending a fortune (which we don't have). We need a new computer desk too as ours is literally falling apart. So we decided to paint an old desk that has been my sewing table lately so it would blend in better with the other furniture in the living room. We got home and I started sanding and preping the desk. Got it sanded, painted 2 coats of a muted gold color, and put a coat of sealer on it. Got it all set up in the living room, took one look, and hated it. I mean, really, truly, hated it. I decided that it would look less horendous in a corner, and so, my friend came over again to help decide where stuff should go. Everything got moved. My piano, the desk, the couch, recliner, 2 bookshelves, entertainment center, carpet, end table/lamp... The whole room went topsy-turvy, but it ended up looking much better. Mark and I decided to paint the desk a much darker color, almost blackish-brown so the computer blends in better, and letting that stay until we can afford a nice computer desk/ hutch like we really want. That way we can get the entertainment center that we have been looking to do for 3-4 years now.

It's just funny, my plans today included putting together a new center, not painting a desk and rearranging my entire living room. I was grateful for the wood floors that let my furniture slide, I was moving things by myself. Mark commented that he was grateful he has a strong wife that can do things on her own. That way he feels really special and actually needed when I do have to ask him to do things for me.

So as busy as today was, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Mostly because I got to have lunch with my sweetheart (in which we didn't spend the whole time talking about the kids like parents of little ones are prone to doing) and I got to paint stuff.

Happy Valentines Day to you all!


thebaskers said...

Sounds like fun. I spent the day doing laundry. Painting a hideous desk and rearranging sound much more interesting.

Calista said...

Interesting how every once in a while the plans for the day just go out the window... Steve bought a big screen tv a year ago (with money that came to us when his grandmother passed away) and it's too large for an entertainment center. I made a fabric drape for a solid wood coffee table (given to us by his parents) and the tv sits on top of that with the directv box, dvd player, and speakers underneath. Anytime that we want the living room to look nice(r) we just pull the drap down to cover all the stuff sitting under the table. I'll have to post a pic...

McD Fam said...

It's nice to be able to do things on your own, I know Josh is always surprised when he gets home and I've rearranged the entire house:)