Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Snow Day?

People here seem unable to deal with more than one inch of snow. Sunday morning we got a call that the Stake had canceled church due to road conditions. Okay, now what do we do with an entire Sunday? Church keeps the kids occupied for 3 whole hours!

Well, the driveway had about 3-4 inches in some spots and 6 in others, so that was a family effort to get shoveled. I went out to see how it was going and got handed a shovel. I was in slippers and a light jacket! But I did help for a while before I got too cold and wet. The boys enjoyed pushing the snow around with brooms and metal lap trays from the car. They like to "help".

Mark had been promising the boys he would take them out to use their new innertube, but we have no hills near our house. He hasn't seen them hardly at all this week due to his crazy work schedule, so we decided that yesterday would be their family/daddy time day. The boys needed time with their daddy. We found a park with hills and Mark drove them down to town to go tubing.

I didn't go, William was napping, but Mark took some pretty good pictures of the boys for me. This was Oren getting ready to go down the hill.

Nathan doesn't fit quite as well, he is a bit smaller. He is on his way down, wheeee!

They came back and were telling me how much fun they had. I know it was a Sunday, but I think it was alright. Mark had been super grumpy with them as of late, but after they had some time together being boys, he was a lot happier.

I enjoyed myself as well. I have to clear out my large freezer because it really needs defrosted. There were a couple turkeys and a ham in there from holiday sales, so I pulled out a turkey and cooked it up. Yum! I should have taken a picture because it was gorgeous. I work my hand between the skin and the breast from the neck to the other end as far as I can go, and then I take an herb paste mixture that I make with lots of herbs and spices and some oil and spread it around in cavity between the skin and breast meat. Then some of the paste goes on top of the skin and the whole thing got shoved into an oven bag. Oh my word! It was good. Salt, pepper, onion powder, parsley, oregano, sage, basil, paprika, fresh garlic, and olive oil was my combination. I have used many different ones, this is my favorite way to do turkey. Sometimes I use butter with the spices and that is amazing too. It also works with a roasting chicken. I highly recommend it. My little family cannot eat a whole 13+ pound turkey, so we invited another family to join us. If anyone has a family favorite turkey leftover recipe, feel free to pass it on, I have plenty of turkey left.


Melinda said...

That sounds really good. Now, even though I have a fridge full of hawaiian haystack makings, I'm craving turkey, you made sound fantastic. I'll have to try that recipe for the rub. And how wonderful that all the boys got out together. Sounds like they really enjoyed time with Dad.

Kevin said...

I like to put my turkey in a brine for about 5-6 hours (I saw that trick on a cooking show). If you put a lot of good stuff in the brine, it works out really well.

Here's the brine recipe:
1 cup salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 gallon vegetable stock
1 TBSP black peppercorns
1/2 TBSP allspice berries
1/2 TBSP candied (crystallized) ginger
1 gallon ice water
1 frozen turkey

recipe from Alton Brown (,,FOOD_9936_8389,00.html)