Thursday, January 3, 2008


I admit, I believe very firmly in the power of a new year. The chance to start all over again, to make myself better. And to that end, I have started my resolution list.

1. To finally lose the weight that I have had since high school. I want to be able to wear my wedding ring, I don't want to have a heart attack before I am 50 like my dad, and I want to get my body ready to have more kids. (not an announcement, I just know there are more babies up there for our family.)

2.To go to the gym. Two days in a row, I am awesome. I have discovered I like the feeling when I am working out. I am actually doing something to help myself, and I am moving. Sore muscles aside, I feel great.

3. To keep my house cleaner. Every mom with young children knows the frustrations of cleaning up a mess, just to have the kids come right behind you and destroy it again, or mess with something else. Either way, a new mess is made. I have been loading the dishwasher regularly, and like Rachel, decided to start doing my dishes after meals. Like normal people. I too like waking up to a clean house.

Like every year, I say, this year will be different. This year I will stick with it. I think every Mom at some point makes the decision to do better and then we become that mom we know we should be. Keeping the house and family the way our parents did. It is like a turning point in our lives where we realize we can't be truly young anymore. Someone has to do all that needs done. We grow up. This is my year. I am that adult now.

Nathan took an impromptu nap. It was so cute. Obviously, running around a making huge messes is tiring on a little guy.


Melinda said...

Good luck with your new resolves! I agree about how kids just seem to know what to get into to make the biggest mess, especially right after you finish cleaning the last one...or in the middle of cleaning. Don't lose hope or sanity, we're in it with you!

Calista said...

Ditto on your New Year's Resolutions! I haven't made any this year, partly because I'm tired of breaking them....I keep telling myself that I'll get that extra 30 lbs off, and I just haven't figured out how to make myself stick to it. But I definitely agree that I like how I feel after a brisk walk or other aerobic activity.