Friday, January 25, 2008

Pic of the Day #2

As I was going through previous photos of my children, I realized that Nathan has been shortchanged his moments in the spotlight of my camera. He is the typical middle child, quietly vying for our attention, leisurely wandering in the shadow of his brother's exhuberance. So, to my son: here's to you and your sweet ways. The way you loudly declare "I'm still sleeping!" every morning when I wake you for school. Your sweet giggle as you pop your head out of your shirt. How your shoes refuse to go onto the right feet. To the way you put your hand on my cheek when you want me to look at you. And your crooked smile. Here's to my angel!


thebaskers said...

Okay, I'm totally a mother. Your post actually brought tears to my eyes. *sniff*

Calista said...

I know what you mean. I feel like Kellen gets short-changed a lot. First of all, he spends most of his day at school, while Madison is home right in front of me doing all the funny things she does. It's the reason that I try to make a big deal out of his scout stuff; then Maddi isn't the only one in the lime light :)