Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ode to Chicken

Who decided that the squawking bird picking around the yard would taste good? Who thought, "if I turn it on a spit, it will stay juicy, it will taste amazing"? And the genius who made the machine that does this wonderous thing in the very grocery store that I visit regularly? Ahhhh..... the thrill of seeing it half-price at closing time, and snatching up the last one! Rotisserie chicken from the deli is one my favorite treats. But only when they mark it down before closing. Then I can savor the victory over high prices as my teeth sink into the skin over the drumstick. The meat makes appearances in many dishes over the next few days, and the bones nourish my family in the stock that I can for soup. My oven can work wonders, but sadly, cannot duplicate the taste of a good rotisserie deli chicken.

Yes, this was our dinner today. This was a good end to an easy day, my friend watched the kids while I braved the snow for both of us. So not only did I snag the last chicken, I got to spend a wonderful hour, child-free, in the grocery store thinking of the myriad of possibilities of the food before me.

What a day......


thebaskers said...

What a wonderful day. We had chicken last night too. And I must agree, the rotisserie chicken, though we don't get it often, is quite delicious. And congratulations on getting out of the house without the kids. It's a wonderful chance to pretend that you're sane again.

Kathy said...

Hi Michelle,
I don't blog yet, but I love to read my neice's blogs. I regularly buy a rotisserie chicken at Sam's Club. They're bigger there, and definitely worth every penny! This last week I made 4 meals for my family with the one chicken! (chicken the first night, mexican chicken casserole another dinner and a lunch, and then chicken and dumplings after cooking the carcass. I always feel so good about how I got my money's worth, and like you, the rotisserie chicken is one of my favorites!
Aunt Kathy