Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Busy Day

Our day started off with a bang this morning. Off and running to get the kids to school on time (I was late) and helped my friend decide what to wear for her husband coming home from a 4 month deployment. I did her makeup and then ran to pick kids up. (I was late). We were NOT late however to Nathan's therapy in Boise. Having been a good girl with my diet, I treated myself to a Baja Fresh grilled chicken salad for lunch. Yum. Then we went to assorted stores, picked up some pictures for William's room and a new jacket for me. Then it was off to my parent's in Caldwell to pick up my cell phone. That turned into dinner which was a blast! Steph made a yummy soup that I ate a good deal of. A very long drive home and phew! We made it through the day. I did get some funny looks from people when Oren and Nathan were running around in circles screaming in DI. Literally.

But it was a good day. When I walked into my mom's house the first thing I heard was "You look great!" That was awesome to hear! My friends here have been telling me, but family is even better. 11 pounds as of today. Gone. My pants are getting loose which is not a bad thing in my book.

I am very excited also that Steph has started a blog. I showed her my page and I think she is hooked. This is very addictive. I really should start doing that pic of the day thing. Heaven knows my kids do enough crazy things, that should get me started.


Annette said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures and catching up on things. I lso havae a blog- Hiatt's Happenings. You can get to it through rachel's site. (Be sure and vote). I'm listed on her website as mom and dad

It's good to hear about all that is going on. I always knew you would be busy, busy, busy.
I love you- Aunt Annett

Melinda said...

Sometimes those busy days are some of the happiest ones. It sounded like it was that way for you, that all the runaround didn't damage your happy outlook. Congrats on the diet! It is always best when those who know you best notice the work you've been doing. Aaron's been working on the same thing and is down 12 lbs, so whatever you two are doing works well. How fun to help that friend get ready. Reminded me of the time you sat with me for about an hour and played with my hair and makeup...even though I was an obnoxious 12 year old! You're great at helping others.

thebaskers said...

Yes, this blog thing is addictive. Not even 9:30 in the morning, and I'm already checking all the family blogs. :)

Calista said...

I'm always excited to see someone new up so I was thrilled yesterday to see Steph and Jeff on your blog, and Rachel sent an email with a link to Joseph and Ashley's blog, too! Congratulations on the progress your making with your eating plan! As for your busy day, sometimes I think they're the best because then I feel like I've done something :)

lisa18dawn said...

Hey there! This is Lisa, a friend of Mark's from the good ol' days in Rigy - we met at the reunion if you remember! I just started blogging, as well -
The pics of the kids are fun and it will be great to stay in touch better!

Kathy said...

What kind of diet are you on? Please share - we all need it here at my house! Congratulations!