Monday, January 14, 2008

"I love my bunkbed!"

Since we have 3 boys and 2 kids rooms, that means that one child is priviledged enough to enjoy their own space. William received this high honor as a newborn so that my rocking chair could fit by his crib. He enjoyed this semblence of privacy until one day, about 8 months ago, my sister Marie and I moved the rooms around. Oren was to get this priviledge, his right as the oldest child. We moved William in with Nathan and said, what a lucky Oren!


8 months of 2 messy rooms later, we decided to reunited the brothers. Becuase they are so similar in size, and Nathan can talk, they prefer to play with each other and would usually congregate in Oren's room, where all the cool toys ended up. And my material storage closet that also housed Oren's clothing seemed to provide endless temptation to make tents out of nicely folded material.

Being wise parents, when we graduated Oren to a "big boy bed" we invested in a set of beds that had the option of stacking to make bunkbeds and had an attachable ladder. What a great way to save space, thus providing more room for play and imagination! What ecstatic children we have! How excitable! And so, the social order has turned upside down, as William again has his own room.....

William's new room. He loves the fact that his toys are in one spot. If you say, "where's your toys?" he goes straight to his room.

"We love our bunkbed!" This is probably the best their beds will look for a while. The top bunk is notoriously hard to make up.
So everyone is happy and hopefully the mess will be somewhat contained. (I wish.....)


Karen said...

Hey, cool bunk bed! Good luck keeping 3 boys happy and contained!

Calista said...

I like the bunkbed :) We had bunks growing up, and we were able to make up so many games playing with the beds (ships, the zoo, house, you name it). I would have been happy to do bunks if we had had two of one gender, but ours didn't work out that way :)