Sunday, September 15, 2013

Look! Pictures!

 I found some pictures! Hurray! Now you can see what we did this summer. :)

My awesome sister-in-law took pictures of the boys this summer.

I took some too. They were goofs.

But HANDSOME goofs!

Even the ones who wouldn't look at the camera.

We got into things we shouldn't. Like Daddy's special marking paint.

We ended the school year. How much we learned!

We got to get our faces painted. Which is one of our favorite things to do!

We took everything out of the pantry.

And put it on the table.

We tore the shelves apart.

And we painted.

And we built custom-spaced sturdy ones instead.

We got our Wolf Badge.

And our Webelos. And we are so proud of our hard work!

We built catapults with Daddy.

And knocked stuff down.

We got really messy.

I mean REALLY messy!

All of us!

We went swimming. And got cold. But the sand was warm.

We put a much-needed new roof on the house.

Some of us got brand new glasses.

And we played at parks!

Sometimes we had to go to the doctor. Because otherwise life is boring.

But we all survived, and are ready for the rest of our year, older, maybe wiser, and can't wait to have more fun!

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