Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day of School!

I'm getting these up a good week and a half late, but better late than never! The boys started school last Wednesday, and it's iffy who was more excited. Me, or them. Oren and Nathan get on the bus in the morning, so I had to snap their pictures then. But William doesn't go until nearly noon and I was running behind, so his got taken when he got home.

 They all had a great first day, even if William was a little nervous. The other 2 both went to preschool for speech therapy and things, and were bussed there and back every day. So the classroom setting, all the kids, school routine... and the bus... were nothing majorly new for them when they started kindergarten. But poor William? All he's had is Primary as far as class time away from Mom and Dad. And buses? He's never been on one in his life!

He did great though, and Oren was an awesome big brother on the way home. I should have had my camera, because it was the sweetest thing when he stepped off the bus, waited for William, and held his hand all the way home. And now when I tell him "Shoes on, time for school!" his response is "Yay! I wonder what we'll learn today!"

And I love that he loves it already.

Daniel just had to sneak in there for one, but the other boys had about had it. I can't believe how fast they are growing up! Oren is in 5th grade now, his last year in elementary school. Next year he'll start middle school and may ride a different bus home than his brothers. Nathan is in 3rd grade this year, and is excited to start learning cursive.

And Daniel is adjusting to life at home with just Mommy in the afternoons. How? By causing as many messes as he can before they get home. :-)

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