Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sir, Reporting, Sir!

I just felt the urge to sit down and let you all know how I was doing with my "new lifestyle". Diet is such a strong word with negative feelings for some people. A diet isn't going to do anything for me in the long run. But changing the way I live is going to allow me to succeed!

Things I've noticed:

1. Water is awesome! It makes you feel full. It helps your skin glow, it really does. It distracts you from the snacks when it's not quite time to eat again.

2. The wrong shoes can make just as big a difference as the right shoes, but in the wrong way. After 2 weeks of intervals, my shins started to hurt and I had to cut back to just muscle toning videos for a few days. But after doing some thinking and talking with some of you, I invested in a pair of good quality running shoes. And since I still have so much weight impacting my poor feet when I jog, I got ones with gel in the soles.

3. Abs can get charlie horses just the same as calves can (and did often when I was pregnant!). And it's not fun at all. It hurts. But they are easier to stretch out that a leg is.

4. Stability balls are hilarious! The boys bounce that thing all over the place. Sit ups are a lot easier on them, but weight training one's arms is not.

5. Pilates is hard! Especially when you add a resistance band. But it's all worth it when you notice the muscles in your upper arm look a little more defined than they used to. Even if the skin is hanging a tad under the arm because of the disappearing fat... :-)

Starting weight- 227 lbs.

Weight this morning, after 4 weeks - 210.2 lbs.

That's nearly 17 lbs! I feel great! It's a little sad that I'm back down to where I "normally" am, because I still have so far to go. But it's better than I was and I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

way to go, I am so happy for you

Ticklemedana said...

oh girl I feel you! I was in denial all last year about how much weight I had gained! I was up to about 285 early this year and I got bronchitis and lost 10lbs in a week so I started watching what I ate and by may had lost 20lbs. So...I was, and now am, officially around 263, which has been my starting weight for at least 3 years. lol. BUT...I can only go down and have been going down recently. (June and july I was yoyoing that last 5lbs of the 20...grr...) I'm glad to be back to my "starting" weight, and not be in denial anymore. and hope to lose even more and FINALLY get down to my size 12. (I'm a 16 again...after being probably almost a 20...I've apparently been avoiding jeans for a year and wearing only stretchy pants. haha) You are inspiring..great job!