Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picture update!

 I was finally able to get a decent looking picture. At first I was going to do one wearing the same outfit, the pink one, but realized that there was no change because the shirt was too big as were the shorts. So I took one wearing a smaller shirt that fits me again and the new pair of pants I had to buy because I only had one pair. Much better! In fact, I'm going to have to either get rid of the pink shirt, or take it in a bit. Because it's quite big in the chest now... Not that I'm complaining!

I have officially hit 25 lbs lost! Actually, it's 25.5 as of this morning. Just 2 more pounds and I will be under 200 for the first time since before I got pregnant with Daniel! Over 3 years! My size 20 pants are getting loose and I am wearing one of the 2 pairs of 18's capris that fit me, and I have a pair of pants that is a tad snug in the thigh but fits in the waist and tushy. These are pants I haven't worn in 2 years! I kept them because I wasn't willing to get rid of 5 perfectly good pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of capris when I might wear them again someday. The 16's were depressing so I got rid of those long ago. Guess I have to go shopping in about 15-20 lbs!

Mark and I went to the high school track this morning and let the kids go nuts while we ran. Somehow the track is harder for me than country roads. Maybe it's because a mile on the country road is easy enough to do and then you have to still make it home. 2 miles, presto! But that's 8 laps on a track and a lot harder mentally. But considering I'm still a good 70 lbs overweight and my legs are short, I think I held my own with my tall and fit husband! Even if I can't really run the bleachers after each lap... (He's crazy, I'm telling you. "Let's do sit ups and then push ups and run the bleachers after each lap. It'll be fun!" It wasn't...)

I've come such a long way, and I'm trying to remember that I'm only competing with myself. I don't have to beat any one else's time or stamina, just my own. I can go so much farther and longer than I could when I started. I can do planks when I couldn't before between my core muscles and my wrists. I can jog for 5 minutes straight (found that out this morning...) and then continue the 1 1/2 miles in 2 minute intervals. I can look at and smell a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, and not eat one!


Nicia said...

Soooooo proud of you! You are doing GREAT & looking great! Keep up the awesome work. :)

Emily said...

Ditto! It is hard work, and you are doing awesome!