Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Words of the Young...

As I was cleaning off one of our bookshelves this morning, I came across several notebooks the boys used during school this last year. One of them happened to be Oren's journal from the 1st semester, before we moved to the new house. Some of his entries were grumpy and you could tell that writing every day was not something he was excited about. Some of them were funny, and some were sweet. One was even his version of the day he was born, with several of the details suprisingly right! I guess I tell his story a lot where he can hear.... :-)

August 31, 2011

I hope this year will be better than last year because I'm nine now. and because I'm nine, I should do better. I'm in 4th grade now, and I have to use the stupid, sticky, gooey, mess making squeezy glue that other people think is the best glue in the world. But I get to learn about IDAHO! and also a new teacher!

(He really hates that squeezy glue!)

September 1, 2011

This morning while geting ready for school I felt like it was the beginning of another normal day. and it was. normal days are soooooo boring.

September 16, 2011

I would like to go to the Science museum in Boise this weekend. But first, my mom and dad have to agree with buying a card that lets you come for a certian amount of time. I want them to buy the really expencive one that lets you come for a whle year! But we could come when the museum guys put up bouncy castles and let people come in even if they don't have a permision card. The cool thing is that they also put extra things on display! but that only happens once a year. So, I to go there right now because I haven't been there for a long, long time!

(Somehow, I don't remember the bouncy castles!)

October 4, 2011

I really, really, really love October because it has our most faverite holiday, Halloween. My dad loves it because he gets to buy lots of super duper scary Halloween decorations and scare people with them. I love it 'case I get to eat lots and lots and lots and lots of candy till mommy catches me.

November 2, 2011

If I had $100 I would NOT KEEP ANY OF IT for myself. I would give it all away. The people who would get the money would be poor people.


The most important day in my life was when I was born. My grandma was there so she could see her first grandchild be born. My dadd was on the other side of the door so he wouldn't faint by the side of something gross ( I  don't know what is.) When I came out, my anbilical cord (which is the tube that takes food that your mommy ate and feeds it to you while you are still developing inside your mother) was wrapped around my neck and choked me back in. The doctor went to get something to vacume me out. My grandma was probably pretty scared because she was screaming something like "Push! You better start pushing that baby out right now!" So my mom pushed me out as hard as she could. Then my anbilical cord was unwrapped from my neck. Then when I came out, I was purple (I turned purple because I wasn't getting enough oxegen)! Then the nurses came in the room to vacume me out, but I was already out, so they said "gess you got him out yourself", then they left. My mom was too tired to answer. What makes that day specail is that there is no other day like it and that it was first miracle of my life.

  (Not quite how I remember it, but pretty close!)

Written with all his spelling and phrasing choices intact. It's always fun to get a peek at how a child is thinking and feeling! :-)


Stephanie said...

So awesome! It's really fun to be able to get a peek into a child's mind. I love his description of the glue, that's pretty much how I feel about that kind of glue too. Just give me a glue stick instead.

Law Family said...

That's so fun to read! Thanks for sharing! Kids are amazing and I love his descriptions! What a great kid!

Michelle said...

He REALLY hates that glue! I don't dare have it in the house or I'll hear about it... :-)