Sunday, July 10, 2011


Just because I'm very tired, thanks to a certain little boy who ended up in our bed all night. He somehow managed to kick me in the head!

And he gets to take a nap while I don't...

I'm finding myself wishing school would hurry up and get here. Don't get me wrong, I love my children. But with no backyard to send them out in, and tiny bedrooms that aren't great for playing? My house is a disaster 90% of the time. At least the older 2 I can send outside without worrying too much. I've been trying to trust William playing out front or at the playground by himself more, just to get a little break. But it's hard to not panic about him being out there by himself! I've been bringing Daniel out there and hanging out with the other mom's, trying to get some adult conversation in between chasing Daniel back away from the parking lot.

It's nice to talk with the other ladies, but there are some language issues with them not being members. And the cigarette smoke that they try to keep downwind from the kids and myself. We are very ready to be out of these apartments and into our own home. There's one just a few blocks away that is for sale, 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom, basement for cooling in the summer, ceiling fan in the kitchen. Fully fenced backyard with mature trees and plenty of sunshine for a garden. Nice looking paint job, wood floors, intriguing wood details, kitchen cabinets to the ceiling with lots of windows.... A few quirks, which I love, like the rounded entrance. Think: cut a tower in half and put a door on it, then stick that on a house. And a built-in or two.

I want so badly to make some phone calls and look at this house, find out if we can even get a home loan on Mark's salary, and find out what it would cost us to break our lease. Even paying for water/sewer/garbage, which the apartment does right now for us, it would be cheaper a month. Plus it's half again more square footage than our apartment! He wanted to look at houses in Rexburg, but it's a much more expensive place to buy unless you live way out of town or in a mobile home. Which I WON'T buy since they don't appreciate in value at all.

Sigh. Can you tell I'm dying for my own place? (It would even be the same school district for the boys which is great, but would be in a different ward than Grandma and Grandpa. while still being just a couple blocks away.)

Daniel is talking so much lately! Full-fledged sentences too, that even make sense to a situation. Very nice enunciation, no speech therapy for him. This is big because we've had 2 that needed it, and it can be frustrating to deal with. Hard to believe that he's turning 2 this year. My baby, my last one, is growing up.

And aside from that one incident, the kitten is behaving nicely. No more spots on the carpet! She's a lot of fun to have around, very energetic, although it would be nice if she didn't assume that our ankles needed fighting. Daniel just loves to pick her up, much to her chagrin, and William enjoys building toys for her to play with. We've missed having a cat around!

And we're getting excited about later this week, when the kids and I head over to my Dad's place. It's my Mom's side's family reunion this weekend so we're going to go hang out with loads of family. Mark has to stay here because of work and school, we'll miss him. But we survived the last trip over there without him so we should be able to do this week too. And he is so sweet about calling the boys at bedtime to say goodnight and talk about their day. Guess I should get laundry done so I can pack!


Stephanie said...

So excited to see you guys this week! I need some family time.

I totally understand wanting your own place. I hate apartment living! I hope that you can get a house, that would be so awesome.

Rachel Holloway said...

SOOOO hoping something will come together for you guys so you could move. SOOOO hard to have a tiny space that isn't functional.

We'll be there in a few weeks--and maybe we will get to see ya! (if you're around).