Saturday, April 16, 2011


And Sunday is a day of rest! I have been busy this week. Which is hardly anything new for me, but I don't usually bake cupcakes en masse like I just did. :-)

Mark's little brother got married today, and I was glad I had baked and frozen the cupcakes in advance, because even with all the advance prep I managed to get done, I finished the main cake just in time to throw on some Sunday clothes, find shoes for boys, and got to the temple with about 5 minutes to spare going into the sealing room. Mark was able to find someone to cover for him thankfully, and he got there the same time I did. :-)

I just had to laugh though. I got the fondant on the cake and set it on some containers on my back patio. Then I loaded the boys up to go grab some lunch and it started sprinkling, which I didn't think anything of. Until I got home and went to go get the cake to put the flowers on it. It had rained into my patio! The wind blew it all over the cake!

Fondant and water is a really bad mix, it gets the fondant quite sticky. So I blotted it all dry and crossed my fingers, put the flowers and leaves on, and let it sit. Once it dried, the parts that had been wet were shiny, but the back wasn't. Ugh! Then I remembered I had some white pearl dust, an edible shimmery powder stuff. So I brushed that all over the cake and it evened everything out so it looked like shiny fabric. Pretty neat actually!

Why the back patio you ask? Because with the butter-based frosting I didn't want it in my warm kitchen. Also, Daniel is a very fast toddler when cake is involved. My fridge was full and can cause condensation, which is bad for fondant. My patio was cool and out of the way. Funny that it got rained on...

Anyway, we had a good time at the temple. I got some really cute pictures of the boys, which I was going to post but blogger isn't liking me right now I guess. So when it's cooperating, I will get those up. Because they are too cute!

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