Monday, February 7, 2011

It's the little things...

that make me happy.

The snowboots that I bought the older boys at the beginning of the winter season have fallen apart. Very dissapointing! The back seams cracked open and there are now huge gaping holes in both pairs. I had the boys put on their shoes this morning, just to find that both pairs of their shoes have holes where the sole meets the leather!

Enter Shopko. They have a Payless in the store, so I took Daniel and William with me in the morning. I jotted down the size from Oren and Nathan's shoes at home and figured they'd work still. Payless had two different colors of waterproof boots, the kind that look like men's workboots or hiking boots. Good and sturdy, and should last! Plus, there was a sale. Payless's usual Buy One Get One half off.

When the boys got home I had them try on their boots. A little snug of a fit. *oh man!* Their feet had grown just enough that the boots wouldn't last the rest of the winter up here. So I had to pack all the boys back into the van and head back into town. New shoes really couldn't wait until tomorrow, with holes in everything they had to wear their feet were getting wet every day. With this being the second trip into town, I was pretty much worn out and just hoping that Shopko had what I needed.

We got there, measured the boys' feet and figured that we just needed to go the next 1/2 size, as a full size would be far too big. They only had 1 pair of boots in that size, and I needed 2! That's right, they wear the same size! But you know what made my day? The sales lady called over to another Payless store to check if they what I needed in stock. They did. To make it even better, they said that the other store would not only honor the 1/2 off my second pair, but I'd get an additional $3 off coupon since I had to drive to another store for the shoes! That's right!

So I paid the full price on the pair at Shopko, drove to the other Payless, and got 1/2 off the boots I got there. Plus extra off from my coupon. That, right there, is a little thing that made me very happy. Thanks to the sales lady that went the extra mile for me, since I didn't even know there was a Payless somewhere else!


Stephanie said...

Awesome. I love good deals and good customer service.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you got what you needed.

Melinda said...

Glad you found what you needed for the boys.
Ditto for me; I went to Payless and needed just one pair of boots and they had no boots EXCEPT the one in the size I needed. Talk about providential! I ended up getting some cute socks to go with them for my 1/2 off.
Hooray, Payless BOGO!

Rachel Holloway said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I do love that Payless is willing to compensate for your inconvenience...we've taken advantage before. Glad they're all geared up and ready to go!