Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where is it coming from?

I think part of the reason I have procrastinated making these Christmas presents is because I had no real idea of what to do for a couple of them. We knew William needed a twin sized quilt. But the rest were a mystery.

Maybe it's because Christmas is looming, but all of a sudden ideas are hitting me! Oren loves to read, so what better thing for him than one of those back cushions with arms that you use in bed. And of course that calls for a reading pillow as well that will hold the book for him. What do you know? I happen to have 2 extra guest pillows that have batting and the perfect blue and tie-dye fabrics in my stash of random material! It looks way cute with an "O" appliqued to the front, and he'll appreciate the Magic Treehouse book I grabbed at the thrift store.

Daniel loves book lately. He'll pick up a book and bring it to us, although he's a little impatient and flips the pages by himself. That wouldn't be a problem except that the pages are usually paper... I just happened to have several sheets of felt, and some seriously heavy stuff that was in the interfacing/fusing section at Walmart, on bolts, that I bought for a project 2 years ago. Voila, pages and supplies for an activity book! The pages are mostly done, I just have to throw together a cover tomorrow and add some pictures of people or something in the windows and door flaps of the house page. And draw a fire in the zipper teepee.

As for Nathan, Mark and I got to talking about how much Nathan likes to create stuff. A local store has some boxes intended for Christmas that would be easy to decoupage with some neat paper or fabric. A ream of paper, new crayons and pencils, watercolors, and some fun stickers - all just for him! Most of the art stuff I have already from stocking up for homeschooling. :-)

I promise to post pictures of the finished products, along with any websites I used as tutorials. I have just been so busy putting them together, trying to get them done even with the kids around. That's been fun. These are Mommy/Daddy gifts, so it's okay if they see various stages, I just distract them during the final put together. But I can't exactly lay them out afterwords and snap pictures, and then when they are finally in bed I've been working on something else. Or just plain exhausted. In fact, I don't know why I am posting at nearly 2 am, when I decided not to start the book cover tonight but wait until tomorrow...

Good night!

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Rachel Holloway said...

You are a super trooper and I am so impressed with all you're doing!!!