Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Very Late Hapy Birthday!

Well, I'm only posting this a few weeks late.... :-) In my defense, it's been crazy. Especially when the second we turn our back, this is what Daniel does.

Since William's birthday is on October 4th and my nephew's birthday is on the 3rd, Mark's sister agreed that it would be easier to have a combined little bash while everyone was over for Conference. She provided the cake, we chipped in the ice cream - and everybody had a great time! We may just do this next year too... :-)

William was in no hurry to get all formal at the table, and since his cousin was opening his gifts already, he just grabbed some and hunkered down on the floor to open them. Genius!

Mark's sister had made a larger cake for everyone else to eat, but the two birthday boys each got their own little birthday cake with their name on it, literally, and their own candles to blow out. I don't think either of them ate much of the cake, but they both thought it was pretty cool that they had a cake all to themselves.

I just love the puffy cheeks.

We got William a little tool chest, that had hammer, saw, "wood", nails.... the works. Right down to a tape measure! And now I realize that I haven't seen it in several weeks, so it is probably residing somewhere in Grandma's basement. I hope.

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