Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moving day looming

Mark went down to the moving people office - TMO- and got our packing date. The movers will be here Aug. 23, bright and early, with a big truck and several wooden crates loaded on it. They will put everything that's not tied down or set aside in a room that says "Don't pack me!!!" in boxes, or wrappings, and load it on the truck. It can take up to 3 days. That's 3 days of strange men scooping up our life here and throwing it into crates. Then our stuff will sit somewhere until we tell them to deliver it.

I've already gone through a quart of primer, and haven't even gotten through half of the stuff that needs painted over. And I haven't even started on the trim touchups, like baseboards.

Carpets all need to be cleaned, cleaned again, and then cleaned some more. And I guarantee all the stains aren't going to come out.

Stuff needs hauled away - trash or thrift store. Stuff needs sold. Things need cleaned in preparation for the housing office to come do a pre-inspection on the 20th. Just a walk through to let us know what specifically will need taken care of before the actual inspection before we can sign out of the house.

So much to do, and it makes me exhausted just thinking about it. And sad. And angry that I have to do all this. And a little excited for change. And worried that I won't get everything done or that we'll have to pay a lot of money for stuff the kids have messed up. And every day it just keeps getting closer....


Stephanie said...

Oh, I wish I could just come up there and help! I hope you're able to get through this without too much stress.

Amy K said...

Michelle where do you live? I assumed you were in Utah.