Friday, April 16, 2010

6 months!

I can't believe that 6 months have flown by already! Pardon the cruddy photos, I'm too tired to edit any.

He's sat in the highchair before for his little meals, but this is the first time I've tossed some of those Gerber puffs and let him have at. He actually got a couple in his mouth! He gets very excited about the packaging though. Like those bags of freeze-dried fruits, he goes nuts and screams when I take it away. Paper too....

He also learned how to sit up! All by his cute little self! The camera moved just before I snapped the picture, but I was trying to get him to smile for me. Such a happy little guy. He doesn't really laugh often, at all, but he smiles all the time. When he's on the floor and I sit there talking to him, he starts kicking and swinging arms like crazy, he's so excited!

He's also very curious about everything. Nursing has been fun lately, because a noise will distract him easily. The boys have a lot of fun with him now that he's so interested in his enviroment.

Tonight was the elementary school's annual fundraising carnival. The kids and I ventured out into the crowd and crazy screaming kids everywhere. Just booths really, set up in the classrooms. You buy little tickets and then play the games to win little prizes, but the kids love it. Being 6:00 and dinnertime, we headed to the cafeteria for some food. Hot dogs and nachos and stuff... A friend was there who we were meeting to hang out with mentioned that Mark was working the serving line. How funny! He never mentioned he was working there tonight. Turns out work was dead at the moment and so they got sent out to volunteer for a while. The kids thought that was pretty neat, getting to tell Daddy what they wanted and Daddy dished it up for them.
And I got to see my sweetie.
They did really well until Oren's meltdown about wanting an animal balloon, from the balloon shaper guy. But the line was horrendous and I was out of tickets. Got him calmed down eventually - he was very tired and his meds had worn off and he was wound up from the bouncy castle. I did get them little balloons on sticks, because they did follow the rules to stay by me and no whining (other than the little meltdown). Poor Nathan's blew away right after we got outside. They chased halfway down the parking lot, while I watched nervously, but gave up when I called them back because the balloon was blowing faster than they were running. He was so upset!
Needless to say, we were all pretty tired when we got home, and they went to bed great for me. Phew! And now I think I'm off to bed as well.


Stephanie said...

Wow, six months old already! Audrey is easily distracted while eating too. Cute, but kinda frustrating too!

The fundraising carnival sounds like lots of fun. And what kind of outing would it be without a meltdown or two, anyway? :-)

Rachel H. said...

WOW! 6 months!? already!?

Can't believe it...