Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just keeps getting cuter!

A whole 4 days old today! Can you see the blonde hair just above his ears? He's going to have his daddy's hair for sure.

We're all settling in pretty well. We've found that if he wants to nurse, he pretty much gets what he wants, so I have been scarfing down meals in between sessions. Chicken Alfredo in 90 seconds? Sure! Because that gives me another 60 to use the restroom before he gets too angry. :-) He nurses great, and I really don't mind being a human pacifier, because Mark is fantastic about getting household stuff done while I'm glued to the couch 8 hours a day. That's what it feels like at the moment anyway, and I'm sure as his schedule evens itself out I'll get to stretch my legs a bit more.

The boys think everything he does is funny. His hiccoughs, his cross-eyed look, his gassy smiles all make them laugh. Even William, who was very hesitant about this new kid on the block, is climbing up beside me and asking if the baby wants to eat some popcorn too.

I ventured out to the store today. Crazy me, have a baby on Tuesday and go shopping on Saturday! But Mark isn't on the WIC check, so I have to go. And where my milk machine goes, there the baby must be also. So he and I headed out together to stock the fridge. I had it pretty well filled before, to last us this week, but it needed filled again for next week and the store is closed on Monday so it meant I had to go today. We made it all the way to the frozen veggies before he decided that he had to eat and he meant now. Luckily I am quite adept at nursing and walking and pushing a cart all at the same time, even though it made it interesting trying to put the groceries on the belt at the checkout. Fun stuff! And his hat is somewhere in the frozen foods aisle.... ooops! At least it was a free one from the hospital, not one I actually paid for. :-)


Stephanie said...

He really is just getting cuter! Look at those deliciously chubby little cheeks!!!

Karen said...

I can't believe you are out shopping already! He is so adorable...maybe I will get to see him at Thanksgiving. I sent you a package this past week. Hopefully you'll get it soon. I wanted to join the baby gift swap between you, Steph and Melinda.

Kathy said...

Darling picture! I sent something home with Grandma Danes for you - hope you get it!