Friday, August 28, 2009

Nesting and Laundry Woes

So, apperantly I was nesting today. And a little but yesterday when I had to scrub the kitchen down. Today was my shower. The best way to scrub it is to get inside it and scrub it down, which means I get cleanser all over. Which irritates my skin. So I cleaned the shower while taking a shower, odd but works. We now have a very clean shower, and I am still a tad itchy..... And then why have this gorgeously clean shower (which for some odd reason just had to be done before baby gets here...) when the counter top is all messy, and dusty, and sticky. So that got clean to.

Which led to the discovery of just why my sink is always coated with odd grey stuff and has hard water stains all over the faucet although I never use it, and Mark's sink that he shaves in and everything is so much cleaner. My sink has a leak somewhere where the handle connects to the faucet base. Ahhhhh! 2 years that's been bugging me, and we finally figured it out!

My other goal today was to get laundry folded. There was a literal mountain of laundry to be folded, and quite a bit more that needed washed. I innocently tossed the boys clothes from the basket into the washer, and then transferred the load into the dryer. 60 minutes later I went to switch the load out and put another in to dry when I discovered the gorgeous magenta polka dots and streaks decorating the clothes! One tiny chunk of crayon had escaped into the wash somehow! I set those clothes aside to figure out what to do with them, and scrubbed out the dryer to remove all the wax.

Then I put the next load in to dry. Guess what color those came out as? Black dalmation spots! An entire load of my maternity shirts, and our underclothes. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? Now I have 2 loads of laundry covered in crayon wax, and have to scrub the dryer out again! And this belly doesn't fit in the dryer very well..... Mom wasn't home to ask for advice, so I turned to my trusty internet. And discovered the best recipe, I'll have to keep this one handy at all times.

1 cup Wisk (or 2-3 capfulls 3x concentrated Wisk HE)
1 cup oxyclean
1 cup color safe bleach

Combine in the hottest wash water the clothes can stand and your washer can put out. Agitate with the clothes for a few minutes, open lid and let clothes soak for about 30 mintues. Then continue with washing. Shake clothes well and pick off any wax flakes before drying.

No more crayon marks! Except the dye from the magenta crayon stained some of Mark's whites, but I may be able to get that out with some RIT dye remover. It took all the black wax off our other white underthings, which was most of the ones that we owned. So that would have really not been fun to have to replace somehow. 2 loads of laundry, from delicates to denim, saved!

I did end up getting most of the laundry folded, and if it wasn't 11:00 I'd find some other project to do!

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Stephanie said...

Great, you and Melinda are both nesting and getting stuff done, and I'm still sitting around feeling proud of myself for putting the kids' toys back in their room every night. Why can't I be nesting too?

Hey, gimme a call soon, I've got some fun news (I'd call you, but I'm out of time on my phone card and too lazy to put more minutes on right now...)