Thursday, July 30, 2009

A good week!

Lots of exciting fun this week. Or, at least, exciting to me!

-The boys have been adjusting to being all together in one room. It's still a messy disaster, but it's 1 room instead of 2. And we're figuring out bedtimes, so hopefully school will go easier.

-Amanda was determined to through me a baby shower, which felt a bit silly since I'm having my 4th boy and don't need anything. So we compromised! I talked to the other 2 ladies due around me, 1 with her 10th baby, and 1 with her 4th. Nobody is throwing them showers, so Amanda is going to host a combined "baby luncheon" for all 3 of us. That way we can celebrate our babies with friends, eat cake and other yummy goodies, play games.... without people having to figure out what to get us. Anyone of you guys who are close enough to come are totally invited! September 5, around 2pm, at the church right by the base. I'm making the cake even though I can't eat it really, and am kind of co-hosting for the other ladies. What fun!

-I had researched area doulas a couple months ago, to see if there was anyone locally who could do it. I'm interested in one for lots of reasons, the big one being help with pain management. I found one that I really liked what she had on her website. Very informative, liked her philosophies.... so I waited until we were a little further along and had the money to hire her. Lots of piano lessons later! I emailed her and she called back today, we have an appointment set for tomorrow morning for our free consultation! Kind of a look-see, go over what we expect from each other, make sure Mark likes her. Hurray!

-And..... I ordered the crib set today! I was able to find the one I wanted, brand new, on Ebay. For less than 1/2 the price on the other websites, and it's the full 12-piece set, not the 9-piece most offer. I still need the crib mattress, Amanda's that she offered to loan us wasn't in the best shape. So that's really the last big thing. Get the crib together. And I still have several weeks to do that, not really worried. I almost want to paint or something, but we'd have to paint over when we leave. Maybe some stencils on the walls?

So that's my exciting week! Lots of good things. Although, my house is a mess. And because I'm losing weight my maternity pants fit funny in the rear and my nursing bras are too big around. The cup is perfect, but I'm on the 3rd hook in! The baby is gaining at the same rate I am losing, so I haven't moved on the scale in several months. Doctor isn't worried so far.... it's just funny!


Stephanie said...

Too bad Jeff is working that day, or I'd totally talk him into a family trip so I could go! Oh well, we'll be seeing you guys soon anyway.

Neat about the doula, I hope she is everything that you hope for and it all works out great.

Rachel H. said...

do you not do epidurals? I am so curious to hear how your experience is with a doula!