Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another great appointment

It's crazy it's already been 4 weeks since my last appointment! I went back in for another ultrasound today, since I have to have one every 4 weeks, and everything went great. I may not be gaining weight, but my son sure is! He weighs about 2 lbs now, and is in the 50th % for weight. Perfect! Fluid levels look good, and heartrate is fantastic too. He was moving around plenty, but we did manage to corner him for a gender check. Wanted to make sure nothing disappeared! And I was assured that he is definitely still a boy. :-)

I go in for another ultrasound in 4 weeks, and after that my appointments will be every 2 weeks. Holy cow! So 30, then 32, &34, at which point I move to every week with Non-stress tests at least once a week as well. Which I can schedule on the same day as my appointment so I don't have to make so many trips, thankfully. If I think in terms of months left it seems like a long time. But in terms of appointments, it's going to go crazy fast!

Just for kicks, and because I had energy, I took off everything fabric from the baby stuff and washed it all. Got all that yucky dog hair from my friend's dogs, and all the mouse dropping yuckies off it. All solid surfaces got wiped down and disinfected after I vacummed the droppings off. (I hope that mouse found all the mouse poison we put down out there..... sick!)

I have plenty of time to track down a new mattress for the crib, ours had a big rip and since there are spiders in the garage too, I threw it out. The baby clothes need sorted and washed, and the dresser hauled in and cleaned off. Baby blankets need to be decided on, the nursery set figured out, and sheets bleached. I forget, every time, how much there is to do to get ready for a baby. But the good thing is that I do still have about 10 weeks before it has to be done. So I can do one thing at a time! I like to have everything ready by 36 weeks since I go early... thanks diabetes. The crib alone is going to take a whole day to figure out, because it's a different one from what we've used the last 3 babies and goes together differently. Ugg!

It's all so exciting though, and it makes if feel so real. Oren got to feel his brother move last night, and he was so excited! It was kind of special time with mommy, because his brothers were already in bed. And then baby started to kick, so I had him feel my belly. That little baby gave a huge kick, and Oren got a huge smile on his face! I mean, "that's an actual baby in there!" kind of look, you know? So sweet!

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