Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay me!

Every night, Mark has been trying to make it home around 6pm for dinner. Some days I am not so on the ball, and he ends up eating cereal or something. That's what happens when you are tired and have to watch everything that goes in your mouth because you may have a 10-12 pound baby.

But hurray for me, every night except for Tuesday which was piano recital day, I cooked a delicious meal, ready by 6:00 or shortly after. Tuesday we reheated yummy leftovers, but we did eat them at 6. The recital was at 7 and I had to go set up the refreshments. To be fair, I did bake over 6 dozen cookies and left 2 dozen at home for Mark and the boys that afternoon.

We're not just talking tuna noodle casserole. How about dry barbequed spareribs with Alabama barbeque sauce made from scratch. Or tonight's spinach-stuffed flank steak which I actually took pictures of and posted on my blog.

I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but the doctor will be happy that I have gained back a couple of those pounds that I lost. And Mark is happy that he takes the long walk to the car, and comes home to eat, and then has to walk from the parking lot back to the hanger and it's not just for a bowl of cereal! Now, if only I could get my kitchen cleaned up and make it stay that way I'd be even happier with myself. But I consider the return of my gourmet food interest to be fantastic no matter how cluttered the kitchen is. And Mark says his stomach totally agrees.

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Kathy said...

Wow, your dinners sound so yummy! I should take some lessons from you. I've lost the motivation to cook much at all, with so few people at home now. They're lucky to get any kind of meal, and lots of times it's not until 7:30 or so!