Monday, June 29, 2009

And now we breathe.

Whew, we made it! It's a new week!

We had such a blast with Mark's friend and family. The boys all took to each other instantly, and spent loads of time outside hanging out. They enjoyed our pool and slip'n'slide Thursday, and we loaded everyone up to go to the library Thursday afternoon for story time and crafts. They were so tired out by bedtime that I don't think there was a peep out of either room full of boys after we turned off the lights!

We grownups enjoyed some nice chatting time too. I had only met his wife once before, at the men's high school reunion a couple years ago. It's so nice that he married such a sweetie, we kind of clicked the first time we met, and this time was great too! Lots of catching up, that's for sure.

Friday was quite a bit different, she woke up sick and ended up the whole day resting/sleeping on the couch while he kept the baby occupied and all the boys played outside or quietly inside. I had to load up all my boys and take them to Boise with me for a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Nathan had a follow-up with the ENT, who is ecstatic at how well he is speaking now! so unless he stops progressing or starts going backwards, we don't have to come back and see her.

Mark was able to get off work early Friday night, and came back to get his buddy. The guys went down to the hanger and they got to sit in the cockpit of one of the jets in for maintenance! His friend is a good 6ft 3in, and sort of had to fold himself in there, but they had a lot of fun.

She felt much better Saturday, and we let the boys all run off some steam while they gathered up their stuff and loaded it all up. Mark was working Saturday, but they let him come home on telephone standby so he could hang out for a bit longer. They headed back over to Rigby early afternoon, and I took a good 3 hour nap! A really fun, chaotic, noisy couple of days..... and I am soooo glad they were able to come over and stay with us! Maybe one of these days we'll make it over to Maryland and stay with them for a bit. :-)

I subbed in for the Primary chorister Sunday, not my favorite thing to do. I always feel like I'm singing solo..... They haven't had much success lately with getting a full time pianist in there. Since they released me actually! I wasn't even sure who was going to be playing for me, we had 3 different guys come in to help so there was somebody there but it's not the ideal situation. I told them if the Relief Society ladies would let me go, I would not mind coming back as the pianist for the Primary. There's plenty of ladies that can pick songs and wave their arms around, but a shortage of pianists available.

I did get a laugh when the Primary president asked what about when I had the baby..... and I replied that I nursed and played at the same time when I had William, and I could do it again with no problem. So long as they have the program in November, we're good to go! So maybe in a couple weeks I'll have a different calling. (I tend to get bored in Sunday School and Relief Society anyway.) We'll see.

And now to get the living room acceptable for visiting teachers this morning!


Kathy said...

That's great news about Nathan's progress with his speech! I had to smile about your comment about chorister. I've always thought that Primary Chorister is one of the the best callings in the ward. :)

Michelle said...

Yeah, Mom laughed at me about that too. As outgoing as I am, I still prefer sitting behind the piano! And as shy as Mom can be, she always has a blast as chorister and does the neatest stuff with it.