Thursday, May 28, 2009

School's Out!

Today was the last day of school! The kids got out early even, which was fun. We go in Monday morning to pick up his meds and report card, but we're pretty much good for the summer. We are all so excited, and can't wait to take some down time, hang out as a family.

I may even play with some flowers and stuff again this summer. Mark decided that we can fit 4 boys into this house, and I agreed to give it a shot. Mostly because I can't turn in the paperwork, he has to, and he just wants to stay here. Maybe we'll stay and save up some money, look into getting a house or something. It'll be tight, but we'll see how it goes. I'm thinking the 3 older boys in the big room, a toddler bed and a bunk bed. Just for the 1st 6 months, until the baby is a bit older. Then William and the baby will be together, and the two older boys will share. Not sure who will get which room yet.... I'm a little nervous about having William in with a bunkbed, the kid has no fear, but we'll try it and see.

So that means that I get to enjoy all my perinials getting a whole lot bigger this year, some of my flowers I put in the first summer we got here and they are getting so big! Others, like the rose bushes I put in last year, are sure to suprise me with how they do. My pansies are spreading under the tree we sprinkled them by, and all my echinacea plants are sprouting everywhere. I let some of the pods go to seed and fluffed them everywhere, just for kicks. Pretty! (I'm trying to see the good side of having to squeeze 6 people in this house.)

And along with Steph's news of her little one moving around today, I'm having a blast with junior! Ever since the ultrasound, he's just been a little livewire! Rolling all over the place. Wakes up about 10pm every night, just dancing around in there. Hopefully when he gets here he'll realize that nighttime is for sleeping... :-)

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Stephanie said...

Since when did babies realized that night is a time for sleeping? ;-)

Anyway, glad to hear that you get to keep your flowers. And just think how close your kids will be when they're sharing a room - we grew up to be such great friends because we were always in the same room! There's a silver lining to every cloud.