Monday, February 23, 2009


I love my boys dearly, but there are times I would kill for a tranquilizer gun.

William decided to pass out on the couch at 5:00 and wouldn't wake up for anything until about 8:00. Therefore it was completely acceptable in his eyes to stay awake until midnight before allowing us to put him to bed. I get up at 6:45, so that is already less than 7 hours of sleep.

Then Oren got up at 1:00 with a headache. I don't mind, I used to get them all the time at that age, mostly at night, so I know how he felt. I got him comfortable and medicated, tucked back in, and laid back down. That time I went right back to sleep.

Enter Nathan, crying, at 2:20. He had a bad dream, and he was thirsty. Can he sleep with us? Sure, why not. He slept, and I didn't! I was shoved, kneed, kicked, hands flung on my head, and snored in my ear until 4:00, when I finally had enough. He went back to his bed, although I almost dropped him tripping over Mark's pants, and nearly banged his head against the door. I was a little zombie-ish.

I believe we are down to 5 hours now?

5:00..... Nathan again. I calmly lean over to Mark and inform him that it is his turn. He retorts back that it's mine. I, not so calmly, let him know how my night has already gone and that he will be taking care of it. As a final shot I tell him Nathan is not going to be sleeping in our bed! But of course I can't get back to sleep because I am listening to how he is handling Nathan and whatnot. And because I spoke, I woke up enough to have my mind racing.

I believe the clock said just before 6:00 the last time I looked before finally falling asleep. 4 hours......

It's no suprise then that I hit the snooze about 5 times before getting out of bed. Oren's off to school, and I am ready for a nap again already. Normally our nights are not like this, my kids are great sleepers. To make up for our days, I suppose. I've been exhausted lately anyhow, needing a nap even after a good 8 hours. That tends to happen when I'm pregnant.


Oh, my last sentence...... :-) That's right! Little bean is due Oct. 19th by my calculations, and I am 6 weeks today! I know, it's super soon, but I have known for 3 weeks already, and I am no good at keeping a secret. Oren and Nathan have decided it's a girl..... and William doesn't have a clue what we're talking about! Haven't had an appointment yet, but that's because this hospital doesn't see you until at least 9-10 weeks.... lovely.


Nicia said...

Holy cow! Congratulations!! That is so exciting. I'm rootin' for a girl!!

Melinda said...

Hope you get your girl...or another darling little long as s/he's healthy! Congratulations!!!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

How exciting! Congrats!

Rachel H. said...

OH YEAH!!! CONGRATS, CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to hear what you are having--another boy might put you over the top! :) jk!!

CONGRATS again! Sneak in a rest every chance you can!@

Sarah said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you. I hope you're able to get some rest.

Stephanie said...

Tee hee! You announced! I'm so happy for you, and I hope it's a girl! Oren and Nathan can't both be wrong! :-)