Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowed in!

Hee Hee! We aren't actually snowed in, Nathan's therapist is. She called this morning to say she can't get out of her driveway today. She lives on a dirt road/track thing and is pretty much stuck. That sort of cancels my plans to go down to town today! Drat! :-)

Yesterday saw 5-6 inches of snow throughout the day. I almost got stuck in the Walmart parking lot. My wheels were spinning nicely, but I managed to wrench the wheel enough to knock myself out of the rut. Whew! My van is a bit big for me to push... I really need to put the non-clumping kitty litter in the van, just for in case.

School started back up yesterday too, which was nice. With Mark back on swings, he is home in the mornings. After I took Nathan to the bus, it was just Mommy, Daddy and William. Wow! A quiet house! It's, um, different having Mark home during the day. I have this routine, it works great, it gets everyone where they need to be when they need to be there. When he's home during my routine it's a little more challenging because he doesn't really understand how exacting my timing has to be. If certain things don't happen at certain times, things go haywire. It's not that I'm a control freak, it's that I found a schedule that works and I have to stick to it!

That's going to be the trick. Making him feel needed and included, not just a body in my way, while getting him to understand that he needs to fit into our routine. Because I'm not going to drastically change things to fit the routine around him. We go through this every time he gets switched to swing shift. Don't worry, we do work things differently to some extent, because it's nice to have another adult to take care of things occasionally. ;-)


Stephanie said...

Good luck getting it all worked out! I still need to find a schedule, because otherwise we all just sit around all day staring at each other or a screen.

Jeff's schedule will be seven on, seven off once he actually gets on it, and his hours will be late afternoon to after midnight. So he gets to be home all day for a week, then just in the morning the next. Now that will be an interesting schedule to plan around!

Rachel H. said...

It's definitely tough to include someone else in the routine when you are used to how you do it. Especially when it changes so much! That's nice that you get another body to help out though--especially when taking kids places. It's nice to not have to load up the entire troop!

Can't believe you guys have so much snow! Our little bit melted...and here we are with nothing, still.

not complaining...that's for sure!

Kathy said...

Lots of snow here too! I had to learn to work around the house with Dave home, since he works from home, but it works really well for us now. You will really like it when you can go do errands alone and leave Mark with William!