Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow!

We are definitely having a white Christmas after all! Sunday alone saw 4 inches of new snow, and the wind whipped it up into the most amazing drifts in my backyard. I plan on taking a picture as soon as I feel up to braving the cold. Where did my snow boots go?

Some projects even managed to get done today! They weren't exactly on the schedule, but hey... The heating conduit fell off the vent in the bathroom, somehow, and is resting on the ground underneath the house. We called it into the maintenance office and are waiting to hear back on when they are swinging around to take care of it. Which means that the bathroom needed cleaned. Check! Then Mark reminded me that to get underneath the house they have to pull up the door to the crawl space.... in the hall closet. The one I need to put the shelves up in. The one that I couldn't even see the door set into the floor because of all the stuff on top of it.

That's done too! Check! Hurray for me! Now we just need the phone call of when they are coming! I'm not in any sort of rush though. The vent has been stuffed with a towel for the last week, we can live a while longer. It's a bathroom, not a bedroom.

Mark learned a valuable lesson yesterday afternoon. Everything happens for a reason. Yes, even your wife chatting after church for a good 20 minutes while you are sitting in the car is for a reason. Because if I hadn't been a little talkative, we wouldn't have left when we did. We wouldn't have pulled up to the mailbox to check the mail right as a car got high centered in a rather large drift. And the nice young man would have taken a lot longer to get his car unstuck. Same with the guy who got stuck in a drift on the other side of us! There was even a reason that Oren took his socks off this week and last week at church and handed them to his teacher, who gave them to me after church yesterday. Dirty boys socks make great gloves when you are digging out a car. Mark and I both had a pair! Even the baking sheet that I never brought inside after transporting Oren's Christmas party cupcakes for class had a purpose. That thing might just stay in the car, because it is great for shoveling snow! And kneeling on so you don't soak through your pants! Everything happens for a reason!!!

All this makes me very greatful for my van. I have no idea what AutoTrac is, but it helps keep us on the road. Anti-lock brakes are very handy too. And the fact that it sits up higher than cars is nice. Then there's always how well it starts in the winter. A very effiecient heating system is appreciated. Quite a sturdy family vehicle!


Stephanie said...

Glad you're getting the snow you wanted so badly. We're still getting a lot of snow too, it can be pretty hard to drive in! Good job on doing all those things that didn't seem all that great at the time but helped you to help other people!

Melinda said...

What a lesson! I would probably be frustrated, but, like you, glad to be able to help out.

Enjoy your snow...hope you have less than the 2 feet we got!

Rachel H. said...

Yep--always for a reason! :)

Good way to look at it.

Glad you are making your way through projects and feeling good about it! GO YOU!!