Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture catch-up

I finally got the computer back from Mark, and got pictures downloaded. Yeah!

This is Nathan after surgery. Mark thought I was odd for snapping photos, but I wanted to record it for Nathan later. And for his amazing therapist, who is just as invested in this as I am. They let him take his monkey back too, and I think St. Lukes is easily the neatest hospital ever. His monkey came out wearing Nathan's surgery cap, and had his arm wrapped up too! How cute is that!?!

Suprisingly, Nathan felt well enough to try some trick-or-treating, for the last 20 minutes of the base's alloted time. We were able to find a knight's costume at Walmart, which was a total zoo. Do not shop there on Halloween night! William was a dragon that we had gotten for Oren's second Halloween. We were too jetlagged for his first...having just moved to England. We didn't even realize until we put them together for a photo. Knights and Dragons! (We were tired.)

Oren went out with our friend Amanda and her girls. She took them all to the church's Trunk or Treat the day before. We were trying to get home on time, but since Nathan passed out at Mom's, we were late. So she took him out with them around the neighborhood. He was Black Spiderman. We had gotten the costume on clearance last year, he picked it out to wear this year. It didn't come with the mask, it had either fallen off or someone made off with it at some point. Oh well! He tried so hard to get the spiderman web-shooting pose, but it's a little tricky for a 6-year old.
And this was just too funny! Daddy and Nathan went to the store for some "special" time the other day. Nathan saw this wig on clearance and just had to have it! Or did Daddy just have to have it? :-) They had bad teeth chewing gum too, so they threw some of that in the cart. The result was so funny that I had to get a picture!


Stephanie said...

Great pictures, but I especially love the one of Nathan with the clown wig and rotting teeth! Very cute. He'll just love it when you show that to his fiance years down the road. You should print it out and frame it for her.

Rachel H. said...

Great picture catch up! Love the clever--even unintentionally!

And what a great hospital to have that little surgery bear. SO adorable!

Nicia said...

I'm so glad Nathan's surgery went well. He looks so cute! That was really sweet of the hospital staff to do that to his monkey. :)