Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have commandeered the computer here at Mark's folk's house, just for fun. Not everyone is here, but we have: Mom and Dad Willford; his sister Mindy; his brother Ryan; his sister Karen and her new fiance; his brother Kevin, wife Bonnie, and their 3 kids; and us. So far, that's 16. And tomorrow his other sister and her husband and 3 boys are coming, so we'll have 21 here at Mom Willford's house this weekend. Of course, the fiance won't be spending the night, but everyone else will be! Wow! A little noisy, but wonderful!

I got a call from Amanda this morning. She has all my critters at her house, and wanted to let me know that the hamster hadn't moved at all yesterday evening to this morning. She went to get it out, and it's dead. Oops.... I guess that takes care of that pet! The hamster hadn't moved yesterday that I can recall, so she died sometime yesterday afternoon, not Amanda's fault at all.

We women are debating if we want to get up ridiculously early and go to town tomorrow or not. I have never seen the crazy sales, and the insane people grabbing for everything, and I thought it would be fun to go laugh at all the nuts fighting over the last whatsit on the shelf. There are a couple things I would like to get - some jeans on sale for Nathan and some socks for Mark. Both of these have lots of holes and are somewhat worn out. It might be fun, who knows! And that's what naps are for, right?

Good new is that we are all feeling much better. Usually my yearly cold turns into a nice case of bronchitis, but I was lucky this time. It may happen later in the winter, but so far, so good. Having a humidifier in each bedroom helped quite a bit I think, so that'll be our new thing every cold season.

We were laughing on the way over here last night. I don't think I have EVER seen so many cops on the road! So many people got pulled over for speeding, and there was even an accident that shut down the lanes for a while. Do people think that the turkey won't wait for them? Sheesh! Or leave earlier in the day! Sad...

Wishing everybody a happy, wonderfully chaotic and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Eat much, take a nap, and save room for pie!

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Kathy said...

Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving, and it's especially nice that your cold didn't turn into bronchitis! That's too bad about your hamster......we had them for awhile, but they multiplied too quickly for us.