Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tiny clarification

Living on the base, if anything goes wrong with our house, we call the housing maintenance people. They come out and fix it according to how bad it is. No working toilet is bad enough to warrant coming out within the hour. We don't get charged normally for having them come out and unclog a toilet. But we have been told more than once by them that if they get a certain number of calls to unclog a toilet because of children flushing something down it, which would indicate a lack of supervision, then we can be charged for the call out. We don't really know how many calls within a specific time period they will put up with, so we usually try it ourselves first. We'd rather not take the chance of hitting that limit.

Nicia, sorry to confuse you... :-) We do love living on base, because all the maintenance is taken care of for free.

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Nicia said...

Gotcha. :) Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad to hear they still do that all for free. I kind of see it as the least they could do for us, you know?!