Sunday, September 14, 2008

Up, Up and Away!!!

Okay, I am going to attempt, in one post, to cover the last couple weeks.

We made the huge decision to move William to a toddler bed. That was the ultimate reason I went to my friend's house and came back with all those grapes. She had a toddler bed that she wanted to give us. Someone gave her an awesome wooden one and they weren't going to need it for a good while, and we needed one at a good price. I'd say free is a pretty good price!

Oren started soccer last week. He likes it so much better than T-ball, which we tried at the beginning of summer. There he had to stand and throw a ball, how exciting. In soccer he gets to run and kick a ball for an hour. Much more to his liking. Plus, he can kick far better than he can throw! And they will get to have games too, unlike the T-ball, because he is in the 1st-2nd grade teams. So he's excited. And Nathan will start this next week, if I can remember to get his sports physical taken care of. For a 4-year old, that's ridiculous...

I got my new camera on Friday! I decided to go with a different camera, a little better one. That has been fun to play with. It has lots of buttons! I don't know what they all do, but I like buttons! :-)

This weekend is a huge Air Show, with parachuters, breaking the sound barrier, the Thunderbirds, skywriting...

How cool is that! We walked out the front door to go down to Mom's house, and they were writing this to kick off the air show! Very neat to watch.

And we went down to Mom's to spend the day. Mark had to work, and I wanted to get off the base for a day. It was great. We had a nap! And plenty of cute pictures too!

I see you too!

"If you're happy and you know it..."

Deep in thought

At one point in the evening, Samuel came running into the kitchen while I was cutting Mom's hair. "Did you see Oren's loose tooth?!?!" What loose tooth? I am sure I would have known about a loose tooth. In comes Oren, with two front bottom teeth sticking out at funny angles. And a mouthful of blood. Funny how a little spit makes a little blood look like a lot! "I tried to open a lid with my teeth!" I'll bet you won't try that trick anytime soon! Notice the freaked out look on his face. We had discussed losing teeth about 6 months ago, when the dentist pointed out that one was pre-wiggle. Just the tiniest bit loose. And his friend just lost her first tooth, so he's seen it recently. Mom assured me that if they weren't already a little loose, there's no way they would have popped out like that. He has opened things like that lots of times, and this is the first incident like this, so I guess she's right.

I had to pull one all the way out because it was hanging on by a thread. I was worried he might swallow it last night. But the other was still holding on okay, although it wouldn't stay in the socket very well. When he woke up this morning, he pushed on it with his tongue and it came right off. "I wanted to be able to eat!" Good, because with a tooth that loose I wasn't sure how eating was going to work. He was much happier this morning.

They grow up way too fast. One in first grade and loosing teeth. One starting kindergarten next year and is out of Nursery. And one is in a toddler bed instead of a crib.



Stephanie said...

Congratulations to Oren on his two lost teeth, and to William for moving into a big boy bed!

I was glad we got to see you yesterday. How fun was that! I'm still ga-ga over those breadsticks; they were soooo good!

Nicia said...

Wow! Congrats on losing those teeth Oren! They grow up so fast!!

Michelle said...

Those breadsticks are seriously easy! I mixed a whole bunch of garlic and onion powder and italian herbs with melted butter. Brushed it on the dough and baked it. More garlic butter was brushed on after baking. If you let the dough rise before baking they are softer.

The dough is the pizza crust on my food blog, if anyone is interested.