Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yay for Me!

Before I got on to blog today, I did a load of laundry worth- wash, dry, and fold. Dishes put away and breakfast stuff loaded.

Last night I put together the dessert for our "World Tour" dinner tonight. If what comes out of the fridge is anything like what I "cleaned" off the spatula... oh my goodness! And it's a good thing I already have everything for tonight, because I lost my ID yesterday. As the guard at the gate handed it back to me I dropped it between the seat and the door. I figured I would get it when I got home.

But I forgot about it when we got there because both boys had fallen asleep and I had to get them out. Then Amanda called frantically asking for help cleaning because a friend she grew up with was dropping by unexpectedly on their way to Washington. So I went and helped and then had to run and get Oren. Came back and found that dinner was done in the crock pot when the choir director called, begging us to come to practice that evening. They will be very short on people the Sunday we perform. So we ate quickly and ran to the church. They are so short on people that I will actually be singing alto and tenor. (Mark didn't know I could sing that low, we even sounded pretty good together!)

I was driving us home and went to grab my ID just before we got to the gate. It wasn't in my wallet. *gasp* That's when I realized that I never picked it up off the floor several hours earlier. Mark had to drive into base. It wasn't in the driveway, I checked the school parking lot and at the office this morning. Which means that it is at the church parking lot. And with the wind as hard as it was last night, it is long gone.

So Mark has to take me down at lunch today and get me a new one. Tomorrow is a "family day" which means most of the base gets a free day off. Then there is the weekend, and Monday is labor day so again, most of the base is off. Nathan has therapy at 9:00 Tuesday, so I have to have one by then... I can't even go to the stores on base, because they check ID's at the check-out, and if you don't have it on you, you can't buy your stuff.

Good thing I planned in advance! But I did pretty good. I got my first ID at 10, military rules, I have had one for about 16 years, and this is the first one I have ever lost! I have left it in my coat or jeans twice, both of which I was the only driver in the car. A friend had to rescue me the first time, and the second time they let me through when I asked if I could go home and get it and bring it back to show them. They said not to worry about it and waved me through anyway. I guess there is a first time for everything!

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Stephanie said...

Funny how much you need that card for EVERYTHING when you're military. It's like your lifeline - your entire existence centers around that card, and you don't even fully realize how crippling it is without it until it's gone. Sigh.

Anyway, hope you get a new one soon, it's no fun being without your identification. ;-)