Friday, August 1, 2008


You know how fast a week can go by? My goodness!

Right, this week....

Monday: we recuperated. I got everything unpacked and washed, a first for me to do that in the first day home. I swept, I mopped, and vaccummed all the rooms. This was because I wanted to do some touch up cleaning in case the top guys from Mark's work came by to inspect the house on Tuesday like they said they would last Wednesday.

(I don't think I said much about that. After the whole tumbleweed debacle the work guys came over Wednesday and had to walk through the house, because it was the wing commander that threw the fit. They loved the entryway, said the house looked really great, but did NOT like the cluttered laundry room. They asked if we just threw stuff in there. We said "yes..." We got told to have it clean by Tue. and they would come back. The only dirty room in the house and they had to pick a beef with it. I was a little outraged at the invasion of the privacy of my house!)

Tuesday: Cleaned some more, waited for the guys to show up. Didn't happen. Mark shoveled bark aside to prepare to put rock down in the yard. He likes landscaping. I went grocery shopping and called Mom to see who all was coming to Nathan's birthday. I ended up going slightly crazy while talking to her because of the screaming and poking and wandering and yelling and more screaming and crying and jumping on the cart and, oh yes, more screaming.

There was referral crap from the doctor we need to see Nathan, who doesn't take Tricare patients exept on a case by case basis. She is the ONLY pediactric ENT in the Boise area. If she won't see him and accept what Tricare pays her without charging us the rest, we will have to take him to Salt Lake.

And Oren's summer school teacher pointed out a problem to me on Monday afternoon. When she stands close to him he can't really focus on her. With his eyes. They dart from side to side, occasionally looking at her. The farther back she stands the better he can look at her. And if she has him follow her thumb he either looks at her (like it's too small or something) or darts his eyes. The farther back the thumb is the smoother his eyes can follow the thumb. A little worrisome, and she would like him to have a screening. Not just routine, but intesive looking for problems. But Tricare has already paid for a routine screening this year and won't do another without a referral. Which, if we were to get one, would mean an opthomalogist (not an optometrist) all the way in Boise!

So with all that and the trip to the store and the people not coming, I was a bit frazzled! Poor Mom...

Wednesday: I worked on Nathan's quilt top. Got it done, binding/border all sewn on and ready to put the layers together. Called Mom to reassure her that I didn't go crazy, didn't kill anybody, and even was able to cook actual food for dinner. Didn't want her to worry. I got the kids off the carpet and they watched me put the quilt together. They thought that was cool! After they went to bed I got it on the frame and started tying it. Mark took a load of bark away and finished spread rock around.

Thursday: cleaned some more. Called Mom again to see if they wanted a set of Full t-shirt cotton sheets with leopard (sp?) print. Apologized for calling 3 days in a row. Got told she considered this bonus week and thought it was great! (I guess she likes me?) Amanda had us over for leftover chili for lunch and afterward I left Oren and Nathan there, put William down for a nap, and got back down to quilt tying. They wandered home eventually, Mark came home, I got completely done with the tying. After dinner and the kids were in bed I got the first step done in binding it. I had to quilt around the were the yellow border met the squares, then I will turn it over, cut the backing and batting down to the width I need, and fold the yellow over the back to sew it down.

Friday: remembered I hadn't blogged all week and took a break to do so while the kids picked up the cereal they threw over the floor during breakfast and wiped up all the milk off the table that went with the threwn cereal. I'll get the quilt done, make a cake, and put together my new carpet deep cleaner- The Bissell Proheat 2X Cleanshot Upright Deep Cleaner 9500! (That's a mouthful....) Why do they give these such long names? The carpet stains haunt me, and I must excorsice them!

I'll post a quilt pic when I get done today.


Nicia said...

Busy, busy, busy!! Hope everything works out with the eye Dr. Can't wait to see pic.'s of the quilt!

Grandma Danes said...

Would love to see your quilt when you get it done. I know a very good pediatric ophthalmologist here in Boise if you need one.

Rachel H. said...

PLEASE PLEASE tell me how your carpet cleaner works. I have been DYING to get one, but have no idea which one is best. And I don't want to take the plunge if I get a piece of junk.

Michelle said...

Thank you Grandma! Once we get the referral I'll let you know who they want to send us too. If it's not who you recommend I'll check if the other doc is on Tricare's list of providers, becuase I can switch docs if I would prefer another, so long as they accept Tricare.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad I got to talk to you the other day (was that yesterday? I can't remember). I hope that you're able to get all that referral stuff worked out and not have to go all the way to Salt Lake!