Friday, August 8, 2008

Good grief!

Because last week was so hectic with the mandatory cleaning, the reunion, and this week's car cleaning I kind of had a lazy Wednesday. (Well, relatively lazy compared to the last week and a half...) Didn't do a whole lot of house work. Thursday was about the same, although I did cook our world tour dinner.

This morning I woke up and started making a mental list of what housework needed done so I could enjoy family time tomorrow. Sweeping, mopping, vacumming, bathrooms need scrubbing, clothes caught up, kitchen straightened back up, all the trash taken out. (Huge list isn't it. That's what happens when I take a day off....)

Then, once I figured out what I could reasonable handle getting done today without overdoing it, I remembered all of a sudden that my mother-in-law and his sisters are coming over tomorrow. They missed Nathan's birthday because they had to work, so they flat out told work that they were NOT working this weekend and they would be out of town so don't bother calling them last minute!

How did I forget that?!?!? The boys plugged their toilet again last night (Will it ever stay working for more than a week? Stay tuned to find out...) which means that mine MUST get cleaned. Although, if they are staying overnight, the boys' bathroom needs scrubbed down too so they can take a shower in the morning.

I really should be doing all this instead of blogging about it. Yet again another example of how crazy busy my life stays. When I have so many things that need to get done I get overwhelmed easily and tend to get stressed. *deep breath* What will I do? Make a list and feel great every time I check something off!

On the plus side, William woke up unbelievable early this morning. How is that a positive? Because it is 11:00 and he is soooo ready for a nap. And he will sleep for a good long while. :-)


Stephanie said...

Yeah, I have to do all that stuff too. But if I make a list I get overwhelmed with how long it is and I give up before I start. If I don't make a list it's easier to shove it to the back of my mind and ignore it, and I give up before I start. It's a losing battle. I hope you're able to get everything ready for the in-laws' visit, and have a great day while you're at it!

Rachel H. said...

Lots and lots and lots to do...I hope that you are able to take a breather. Remember it all usually gets done. Right?

Melinda said...

Wanna hit my house next? I have the same list...1 less kid, you up for it?

Have fun with granma and aunt tomorrow!