Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Special!

My dear, darling, younger-but-somehow-taller-than-me sister nominated me for an award! Just what I needed to lift my spirits after the day I had today. I'll go over that later. First, to brag about my award!

Stephanie nominated me for my cute little boys (biased opinion on my part?) and somehow not being admitted to the phychiatric spa (thanks to my friend Amanda for that term). I love to give all the details of surviving day by day in our house, and how I am so not perfect but trying.

Here are the rules:

1. Post the logo on your blog.

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3. Nominate other people for this award and add links to their blog.

4. Leave a message for the people that you nominated!

And so, I like to brighten the day of some others today. Some of them don't know that I read their blogs, because I am not the greatest at commenting, but I appreciate what they share with the blogging world!

1. Michele of Bipolar Survivor. I found her blog while looking for ways to deal with my new diagnosis. She tells her life as it is, no glamourizing the good and glossing over the bad. It was great to find someone not scared to talk about things that some people are still scared of or have a distorted view. Thank you Michele for sharing your life with the rest of us.

2. Stephanie, as a contributer to our Weight Loss blog. She did so great, sticking to her diet, accepting the ups and downs, induldging without beating herself up. She is an inspiration to me, she met her goal, and she is all around an amazing person! I'm not there yet, but I will be someday sister dear!

3. Mrs. Fussypants of Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life. I recently found this blog, and love it! She has hilarious posts, like "Name that inappropriate photo", where she has the most outrageous pics. I would love to know where she finds them! Everyone comments with what you could imagine a title could be, based on the hilarious or weird photo. Too fun! Or "Fight the Frump", self-explanatory.

Thank you all for your wonderful posts!

Now, on to the whole crazy day thing...

I was awakened this morning by my friend calling. She does this almost every morning, which I don't mind, but it does make a shower difficult. Got the kids up and attempted the morning feed. Umm....yeah. Oren had to spend breakfast in his room until the other boys were done, as he couldn't keep his hands to himself and was putting his face right by William's and screaming. That led to more screaming.... Oren finished, my friend got off the phone, I hadn't eaten yet and was headed for the shower, when the phone rang again.

Mark was calling from work to say that his commander had driven by our house this morning and saw the tumbleweeds taking over the front and side yards. (When, I ask you, would I find time to pull weeds... obviously even finding time to shower doesn't come easy) The guy threw a hissy fit, called Mark into his office, and said he had until 10 to get them all pulled. AHHHHH! He came home from work, and I threw on some clothes and started yanking vegetation. About 10ish his shop chief swung by to see what all the fuss was about. He was under the impression that maintenance people took care of the side yard (which is monsterously long), and couldn't believe how much we actually have to take care of. We mentioned the fence, which is still down, he couldn't believe that either. He left, and we were still pulling weeds when the housing office people showed up taking pictures of our yard!

They were actually nice and polite, didn't yell, but asked us to please take care of our yard a little better. They wanted the weeds gone as soon as possible, even the dead ones that we had actually gotten sprayed a while back. We told them about the fence, and they said to call it in again and ask for our ticket number. Apperantly we are supposed to get one for everything we call in. I have never gotten one... They said they'd call us when the job ticket when through their desk.

I still hadn't eaten, so I took a break to go get my blood sugar back up. Amanda had come over to help pull since she was bored and saw us in the front yard. I was pretty lightheaded and not thinking quite straight, so she brought over some breakfast burrito stuff and make us breakfast/lunch/snack, while I sipped some apple juice until I felt a little better. While this was all going on my visiting teachers showed up to chat for a while, a scheduled appointment. I felt bad eating in front of them and was still a little iffy feeling, and stressfully distracted. That took a while, and then everyone went home so I could take Oren to school.

Mark called to let me know he had called the maintenance office again about the fence, and had asked for the ticket number. They discovered that the job had never been written down when we called. They did a drive by to look at damage at the time, and hadn't written it down then. When I called it in the other day, they assumed it had a ticket number already and didn't question why it was taking so long. So now we have the ticket number, they know about our fence, and the housing inspector is on the lookout for the job to cross her desk and will let us know when she gets it. Hopefully it won't take too long. We told her we had to take the fence down to due the tree damage. Cross your fingers they won't yell at us and be all mad about that...

I was supposed to bring lunch to a family at church whose Mom passed away from cancer and Grandma is helping raise them, so our church provides one meal a week to help out a little. Needless to say, I didn't have any time to cook. They are down in town, and today was a therapy day, so I was going to have to make 2 trips, until Amanda volunteered to pick up Oren from school. That way I could run all my errands before therapy and only make 1 trip down. What an angel! I picked up some take-n-bake pizzas from a local Papa Murphy's and dropped them off, then went and ate a small lunch before heading over to Walmart for some groceries and sewing stuff. William fell asleep on the way to therapy and slept the whole time, so I chatted with Amanda.

My floor is not swept, my dishes did get loaded somehow, I was going to mop and didn't get to, I only have 1/2 a square left on the very last row of Nathan's quilt to sew and then the top will be done but I didn't get to that either. My children had cereal for dinner, I haven't eaten dinner yet, just some Dibbs (a bite size ice cream thing) and a root beer. My children have watched a lot of tv in the car, and Oren played at Amanda's house most of the afternoon, and is now super hyper, as is Nathan.

But, my front yard does look loads better, Mark hasn't played his video game at all today, the boys should go to bed fairly well today, I found more seedlings (pansies, yay!) while weeding, and I appreciated having a cell phone.

And, I got an award! That made the day all better, reading what my sister thought of my blog, both food and regular. She gave me an award for that one too, and people think my food tour is pretty cool. May my evening be better than my morning...


Stephanie said...

Wow, what a day! I hope your evening goes really well, or at least better than your morning. That's crazy about your fence - I can't believe they didn't even write the job down! Sheesh! Well, hopefully it will get taken care of very soon, and very quickly.

Rachel H. said...

That's about as out of control as it comes!I hope it is MUCH calmer today...with a possible fence fixing! :)

Is Oren really back in school already?! I didn't think ANYONE was in school right now!

Michelle said...

Oren is in an extended reading program. He is actually a little ahead of grade level, but we wanted to get him into a structured school enviroment as a refresher to get him ready for all-day 1st grade. So he doesn't go the whole summer without any school at all. 1st grade will be hard enough on him, figuring out the whole day thing, this should help a little. Plus, it's not like regular school. They explore all sorts of different things, and he is learning some things that they don't cover in kindergarten. Like combined constanants. He's doing really well!