Monday, July 14, 2008

Barber Shop Quartet

But not in the way you think...

Oren cut his hair yesterday. By himself. In the front. With nail scissors.

That's right.

I had to take it all the way down to 1/8 of an inch all over before there were no more short spots showing up. That's the smallest attachement. The next down is bare clippers and practically down to the skin.


Then Mark came home from work and asked if I would cut his hair. It gets done about twice a month to stay in regulations. So he got a nice hair cut, tight on the sides like he likes it. Since I had the clippers out, I plopped Nathan in the chair and clippered his head. He has a really bad cowlick when it's longer, it only lays right if it's really short or really long. But, being summer, we went for really short. About 7/8 inch on top and tapered down the back and sides.

Then, why not do William too? He keeps getting food in his hair, and his brothers like to throw dirt at him, that doesn't like to come off easily. It's actually impressive. He sits there very quietly and lets me use the clippers. I can count on about 5 minutes of sitting still, if I wipe his nose off every so often. Luckily I have been doing their haircuts for so long that I know what I like, and can do it very quickly. His is an inch on top and tapered down.

It will take some getting used to, but they all look cute. Although Oren's head is a bit bumpy for the bald look, it'll grow in fast enough I suppose. My four handsome boys.


Farrell Family said...

Good job on the haircuts. And even though Oren's is really really short, it's nice to know that it will grow back.

Stephanie said...

That's fun. I need to get out the clippers and cut Jeff's hair, before he gets it into his head to cut it himself again.

Stephanie said...

I just noticed the look on Oren's face. It's kind of a "you lookin' at me?" Pretty funny.

Stephanie said...

Or maybe a "Why is Mom making me take this picture?" kind of look.

Michelle said...

Actually, it's a he was looking down at his stuffed animal and looked up when I called his name.