Friday, June 27, 2008

The Picture Tag

I was tagged by Steph. This looks like fun. Take pictures of the things listed. Tag a couple of people.

A current project you're working on:

I just started this shelf/rack today. Our other was a lot smaller, with plastic hooks that all broke off. So I got this at Micheals Craft Store. I have a white painted shoe rack that will go under this, and I have a red and white crackled sign on another wall that says HOME. So I am painting the edges and the wood pegs red. I will put a crackle coat on the red, then paint the whole thing white. Only the stuff I painted red will be crackled. The red will show through the cracks. So it will match both the rack and the letters.

The oldest thing you own:

This is an antique oak table on wheels that I found at an antique shop. It was in pretty bad shape, the top was in 3 pieces, only one of which was attached to the table. And the front surrounding the drawer was broken. I stripped the old laquer, reattached the top, made a new front from plywood and custom-made stained to match the oak. Then I put a coat of acrylic sealer on it. I love how it turned out!

Your worst pair of shoes:

I bought these shoes when Oren was a couple weeks old. I was shopping in the mall with Steph and my shoes were really uncomfortable. So I bought these at the payless and wore them with her to Sizzler for lunch. These have seen a lot of abuse. Oren poured milk all over them once (they're leather) and it dried. I put them outside in the rain on purpose to get the milk out. I still wear them, although they're really beaten up.

Something from your childhood:

This bunny is made from golf socks! My mom made them one year for Easter. It has lots of mended holes, and you can see how my darning has improved over the years. The red on the ear is my first try. I got good enough that you can barely see the stitches. And the blue string around the neck is a yarn "leash" that I tied around it at one point, and would "walk" it around the house.

Your 3 favorite movies:

Okay, I couldn't fit these onto one picture where you could tell what the movies were. My first is a whole series. I love Friends, and before we could get the 2 public broadcast channels we get now, this was my "tv". Adult voices in the background kept me sane when everything else I heard all day was high pitched. I have all the episodes pretty much memorized now. I love the music on Phantom of the Opera! The first time I watched I spent the whole movie in goosebumps. It's great for folding laundry, because I hardly notice how long it takes. And Independence Day? Two words..... Will Smith. Enough said.

Your keychain:

Okay, we have starting from the top and working clockwise: My pocket knife that Mark laughs at until I pull it out to open something or cut something with the scissors, and it has the only nail file in the house; the key to the house even though we only lock the door when we go to Rigby for a week; the keys to my van; the remote door unlocker for the van; the remote for Mark's purple car; the key to Mark's purple car; and my mailbox key that is on a key ring that comes off so I can't lose it and I don't have to stop the car to check the mail.

Your favorite edible snack in your house:

I guess this isn't really in the house, since I ate the last one this morning for breakfast. Sad, I know. I don't know why I love these gooey things. Probably because they are pure sugar! And mushy! Notice the messy kitchen in the background? Yeah...

Something in your home that you are proud of:

Yes, another wood project. I got this chair at the DI for $5.00. It was half off, because it wouldn't sell. It was covered in an awful, stained blue velvety stuff. Chipped and laquer. I tore the back off, and pulled the seat off, leaving the bones of the chair. I stripped it down and restained it a little darker. Resealed the surface. I found the fabric for $1.00 a yard on clearance at Joann's, it i upholestry fabric that is usually quite pricey and is very sturdy. The foam backing on the seat was crumbling off, so I got more seat foam and redid the seat. There is heavy vinyl protecting the back of the chair, as it was basically a big hole, and new foam there as well. I did the back first and then had to match up the stripes on the seat with those on the back. The seat was then reattached to the chair. It is very comfortable, and I love how the back curves around. The wicker is somewhat "antiqued" but I love how this turned out.

Your favorite wall hanging:

Mark gave me this picture of the Idaho Falls temple. It is a pencil sketch, and I love the simplicity of it. He picked the flowers and pressed them himself and framed it. It was his wedding gift to me, and I am touched whenever I look at it that he went to so much work to give me something nice for our new home.

Something in your yard that makes you smile:

I tore up the bark around the trees in my front yard and make little flower beds. This doesn't look like much now, but I love the colors in the pink flowers, they come back every year. The yellow ones will reseed and be back, and the daisy plant will get large enough to divide in a few years. On the other side of the tree are seedlings from a small daisy-like flower that I didn't know would reseed itself, and in the other wedge of the circle are some annuals I put out that are somewhat small, but they wouldn't fit in the picture. There is a lot of space still empty, but they will grow into it, and I love seeing the flowers. They welcome me when I come home and really brighten the front of my house.

I tag Calista, Kevin, and Cissalynn!


Karen said...

I love all your projects! Chair, desk, and shelf...I think the shelf, sign and shoe rack sound like they will be great together! Awesome:)

Kathy said...

I didn't know you do reupholstery too. You are so talented! I don't know when you find time to do such detailed work, but they look great. And I love your bunny too!

Rachel H. said...

yOU SURE DO A LOT of projects! IMPRESSIVE!!!!

CAN'T wait to finally finish my own tag!

Stephanie said...

Oh gosh I remember those bunnies! I remember being really excited about them. And having seen your projects in person, I can honestly say that I am very impressed and think it is so awesome that you have learned how to do all that, and have the motivation to do it! They look great!

Michelle said...

To be honest, most of the neat projects sat in the garage for 6 months or more because I got pregnant just after getting them, and then didn't have time or energy. I do a lot late at night, or on Saturdays as a break from the kids. They usually take me several days...